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ATA Stallion Service Auction

February 1, 2021 - February 14, 2021

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Auction Runs from February 1, 2021 - February 14, 2021 - No 2nd Round

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We have a great line-up of stallions! This is your opportunity to purchase a breeding at a discounted price and at the same time help promote the American Trakehner horse! The proceeds of the auction benefit all American Trakehner breeders, mare owners and stallion owners through increased promotion of the Trakehner in advertising, event promotion and our significant awards programs. All foals resulting from SSA are eligible for the ATA Awards programs.

For complete and detailed information on any ancillary costs associated with breeding to each stallion, call the phone number listed next to each stallion's name before you place your bid. Deposits for shipping, collecting, containers or mare care are usually required by stallion managers prior to breeding your mare. Please note that any such fees associated with the purchase of any of the donated breedings are the responsibility of the mare owner. If we have successfully collected that information from the stallion owner, it will be listed in the stallion information area under Fees/Contracts. If that information is missing, you MUST contact the owner.

For more information or if you have any questions regarding the auction, contact the ATA SSA Volunteer Team at


These instructions pertain to the Online Bidding which begins on February 1 and ends on February 14, 2021 at 10:00 CST (22:00). NOTE:  Bids received on any individual stallion within 5 minutes of the established SSA closing time will automatically generate an additional 5 minutes of bidding time for that stallion only. Incremental 5-minute bidding time will continue to accrue from the time of the last bid received until no further bids are received and the five minute window on the last bid placed runs out. 

  1. The "SSA AUCTION" LINK will be available on the ATA home page as well as from this page.

  2. Photos and owner's comments of all participating stallions may be available on individual web pages. If you have questions about a particular stallion, please contact the stallion owner.

  3. The entire online auction will run from this site. See winners notification procedure below.

  4. Accurate and complete contact information is required during the online bidding process and will be validated by the ATA Office. Users who submit invalid information may be removed from the auction. Your contact information will remain private and is only available to ATA personnel. For security purposes, your specific IP (Internet Provider) address is recorded with your registration. Specify your name, e-mail address, full address and phone numbers. Once you have registered for the auction, you will be sent a password via email that you may change if you wish.

  5. Bid Increments - please increase previous bids by a minimum of $50. All auctions are set so the first bid will start at the minimum (for most stallions) bid price of $500.

  6. Maximum Bids:

    • When you place a bid, you may also enter the maximum amount you are willing to pay for the item. No one will see or know your maximum bid amount - it is hidden by the system..
    • We will place bids on your behalf using the automatic bid increment amount, based on the current high bid. We will bid only as much as necessary to make sure you remain the high bidder, up to your maximum amount
    • If another bidder places the same maximum bid, you remain the winning bidder - it is the NEW bidder's responsibility to top your existing maximum bid
    • If another bidder exceeds your maximum bid we will notify you so you can place another bid if you choose.

  7. You will be notified by e-mail when you bid successfully, when you have been outbid, and at the close of the auction but please do not rely on email as it can be too slow - use maximum bid OR watch your auction closely.
  8. "Proxy" bidding is NOT available. Please check back often to make sure you win the stallions you have bid on.
  9. All bids placed are binding.
  10. Send ALL requests for information about fees or the stallion to the stallion owner/agent.
  11. Send technical questions to the ATA SSA Volunteer Team at
  12. WINNERS will be invoiced via email. You will need to pay the invoice with your credit card or you may call the ATA Office directly to submit your credit card information. All auctions must be paid within 24-hours of being invoiced by the ATA unless the ATA Office agrees. All winning bid amounts are payable to the ATA.



The auction shall be governed by the following terms and conditions:

  • The 2021 Stallion Service Auction (SSA) will be conducted by Internet bidding only.
  • The minimum bid is posted for each stallion. For most stallions it will be $500.00.
  • Online Bids must be completed by 10 pm. CST (22:00) February 14, 2021. in order to be accepted --- with one exception: Bids received on any individual stallion within 5 minutes of the established SSA closing time will automatically generate an additional 5 minutes of bidding time for that stallion only. Incremental 5-minute bidding time will continue to accrue from the time of the last bid received until no further bids are received and the five minute window on the last bid placed runs out!
  • The stallion services offered in this auction are intended for the 2021 breeding season. Please contact the stallion owner if you wish to breed in a year other than 2021.
  • There is no live foal guarantee offered with this auction.
  • Mare owners planning to use embryo transfer that may transplant more than one embryo, should discuss the possibility/costs of registration of more than one foal with the stallion owner.
  • Bids are binding and cannot be withdrawn. A bidder may bid on any number of stallion services, however by placing a bid you are making a legal contract between yourself and the American Trakehner Association.
  • The stallions in the Service Auction are generally available only via transported or frozen semen (see list of stallions). If you are high bidder, be aware of several things:
    • You are responsible for all the expenses associated with collection and transportation of semen. Expenses generally range from $100-$350 per shipment (quick turnaround is more expensive) and you may be expected to pay a deposit on the container. Ask for fees. Budget for veterinary fees.
    • Start Early! Many of the participating stallions are in training and are on the show circuit. Get their schedule to avoid disappointment.
    • Be sure to ask the Stallion Owner for their breeding program and schedule before you bid. Some stallion owners only collect certain days of the week, some only a.m. or p.m. Most require a 24-48 hour notice before shipping. Do not expect any stallion owner to ship on short notice
    • Most Important. Make sure your mare is fertile, free of infection (have her cultured while in heat), and that your veterinarian has the experience necessary in equine reproduction.
    • Inability to impregnate a mare is not a reason for refunding of money. You may wish to have a second mare as a backup in case your first mare does not get in foal.

If you don't want to pay for the stallion service, DO NOT BID!

The stallion owner has the right to refuse any mare not registered with the ATA (so please check ahead of time if your mare is not ATA registered). The winning bidder agrees to abide by the terms of the ATA auction contract, and the ATA does not assume liability for any disputes that may arise between the bidder and the stallion owner.

The successful bidders are committed to the usual mare care and veterinarian fees and are bound by the breeding contracts for the stallion service they purchase.

The ATA urges bidders to contact the stallion owner and to become familiar with the breeding contract, terms and expenses involved with the stallion services on which they bid. All guarantees are between the individual stallion owner and the purchaser.

NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN. All winning bids must be paid by credit card.
Please keep in mind that you need to communicate with the stallion manager to make your breeding successful. Some stallions have a show schedule. Don't wait until the day you need semen, but plan ahead and keep them informed.

The owners of the auction stallions have graciously donated a breeding for the 2021 ATA Stallion Service Auction.
Please click *exceptional designations for information on the letters which follow a stallion's name.


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