Come celebrate with us the many successes of the American Trakehner Association, its members, its horses, and the breed during the last year!


Cheer for the increasingly large number of foals registered, new members added, and ATA horses competing around the world and winning awards!

Schedule of Events

Come make your voice heard at the meeting! And come to celebrate Trakehners – the first horse breed now recognized as a German “Intangible Cultural Heritage”

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Registration includes Welcome Reception and Awards Banquet.

EARLY BIRD Full Registration – $200 until May 31st

DISCOUNTED Full Registration – $250 until August 31st

– $300 from September 1st

50th Anniversary Annual Meeting

Figure 2

Figure 2

a – 1st and 2nd cervical vertebrae
b – thoraco-lumbar joint (T18 connection of last rib)
c – last rib
d – lumbo-sacral joint
e – hip joint (pelvis/femur)

Figure 1

Horse Figure 1

a – the back (withers to peak of croup)
b – the body (point of shoulder to point of buttock)
c – the pelvis (point of hip to point of buttock)
d – the rib length (withers to last rib)
e – the shoulder (withers to point of shoulder)
f – the arm (point of shoulder to point of elbow)
g – the elbow to the stifle
h – the knee to the hock

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