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USDF All Breeds Awards Criteria

Best Point Show Ribbon Request (for show managers)

Competition Results Lookup - Database:
Online database of all performance results on record.  Viewable by name of horse & discipline.

To Submit Results: Any horse listed on the on-line performance database must be registered with the ATA.  Thoroughbred and Arabian mares which have been accepted into the Preliminary Stud Book (PSB) may also be listed here.


  • You will receive an email confirming that you have submitted your results. Please forward that email with your photo attachedto showresults@americantrakehner.com
  • One photo may be included for each horse listed in the results database.
  • PLEASE name the photo files the same name as the horse you are giving results for. 
  • Photo credits must be given in all cases and photos from professional photographers must be accompanied with permission for internet use
  • Each Show Result submission form includes 2 shows. Submit the Show Results form (above) as many times as necessary. Please submit your shows as close to the date of the show as possible.

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