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American Trakehner Association


All transfers of ownership must be recorded with the American Trakehner Association at the time of sale or change of legal ownership. To complete an owner transfer, the original certificate of registration with appropriate signatures must be submitted to the ATA office for processing.  In certain cases a copy of the bill of sale may also be required.

  1. The current owner on record shall sign off on the back of the original certificate in the 1st column under "recorded owner".
  2. The new owner must complete and sign the second column "ownership transferred to" .
  3. Complete the following information (*=Required) and call the ATA office with a credit card # (or print the form and mail it with your check to the ATA).
  4. You must send the original registration certificate to the ATA Office (address listed on the bottom of this form) before the owner transfer can be completed).
  5. The original certificate will be recorded and returned to the new owner.

Registered Name of Horse*: Registration No*:

Sex of Horse*:

Date Gelded

Date of Sale*

SELLER: (please type or print)

Name*: Phone*: eMail:

Street*: City* State*: Zip*:


Name*: Phone*: eMail*:

Street*: City*: State*: Zip*:

Buyer's Signature* :

* I understand and agree that this owner transfer will NOT be completed until
       after the original registration certificate has been received by the ATA

*Please select one of the following payment forms:


or follow the instructions at the bottom of the form



  1. Call the ATA with a credit card # and send the original registration certificate with appropriate signatures to the ATA Office (address below)
  2. Or Print this form and mail it with your check AND the original registration certificate with appropriate signatures to:

ATA address