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request that the HORSE described below be branded with the ATA purebred brand signifying that the horse is registerable or registered as a purebred Trakehner from approved breeding stock in accordance with the Corporate Regulations of the Association:

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     *   Sire Name:    Registration No.
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If already registered insert registered name and number below:
        ATA Reg. Name: Registration No.

I enclose the applicable fees and understand that I am additionally responsible for all equitable expenses incurred by the ATA in connection with the branding of my horse. I further confirm that I will not hold the ATA or its authorized representatives responsible for any damage or injury incurred or inflicted by or upon any person and/or animal or other property in conjunction with or resulting from the branding procedure.

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Date Branded: at (location):

I, _________________________________________________________________________________________________
(print name and address of branding representative)

Have performed the following:

seen the horse’s ATA registration certificate and confirmed that it is the horse described on the certificate:
believe the markings for this horse should be changed as follows
seen the dam’s official Stud Book registration certificate;
convinced myself above foal is indeed out of indicated mare;
confirmed color and markings of foal;
personally and properly applied ATA brand to left hip of above horse;
supervised proper application of ATA brand to left hip of above horse.


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       Owner or Owner’s Agent                                                                                Signature of Branding Representative

WITNESS TO BRANDING __________________________________________________

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