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Performance Awards by Discipline

Complete list of award winners from the program's inception to the present.

Member Awards

Awarded to ATA members. Complete list of all past winners and descriptions of the following awards:

  • Karl-Heinz Barton Trophy:
    Donated in 1984 by Mrs. Marie-Luise Barton of Castell Imperator-Hof, Sorento, IL, in memory of her late husband Karl-Heinz Barton. It is a perpertual trophy awarded annually to an individual for exemplary service to the ATA
  • Gerda Friedrichs Memorial Award:
    This award was originally established in 1975 as the Gerda Friedrichs Breeders Award. Having been named a Distinguished Member of the ATA, Mrs. Friedrichs established this award and began giving what had formerly been her membership dues as the award. In 1983 Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Chandler of Penmerryl Farm, Greenville, VA, donated a trophy to take the place of the monetary award. In 1987 the award was renamed in memory of Gerda Friedrichs (Dec. 12, 1910 - Feb. 21, 1987).
    Near the end of her life, it was Gerda's wish to use this award to give recognition to the broodmares and foals of the Trakehner breed in North America. Therefore the Gerda Friedrichs Memorial Award is now a perpetual trophy presented annually to a member of the ATA for outstanding breeding success of an ATA studbook registered Trakehner broodmare and her foals.

  • Koenig NowPac Award:
    The Koenig/NowPac Award is a monetary award awarded to an ATA junior/young rider competing on a Trakehner or Part-Trakehner horse.

Merit Awards

Awarded to horses for accomplishments in the show ring. Complete list of all past winners and descriptions of the following awards:

  • Palmenblüte Award:
    Donated by Eugen Wahler of Klosterhof Medingen, FRG, in 1978, it is a perpetual trophy awarded to the ATA purebred Trakehner who has contributed the most in competition to promote the breed in North America. It can only be won twice by an individual horse.
  • Trakehner Förderverein Award:
    This award was originally presented as the Trakehner Verband High Score Award to a purebred Trakehner competing in Combined Training (1976 -1980). Donated by the Trakehner Förderverein of West Germany, it is a perpetual trophy awarded annually to the most successful ATA purebred Trakehner in Combined Training.
  • Trakehner Verband Award:
    Donated by the Trakehner Verband for the most successful purebred Trakehner in Dressage.
  • Cäsar Memorial Cup:
    A perpetual trophy awarded annually for the ATA approved Trakehner stallion with the year's highest score in Combined Training. Donated in 1987 by Pat & Dave Goodman in memory of their American bred and approved stallion Cäsar (by Donauschimmer, out of Celana by Amagun). 

photos are from left to right: Horalas *Pg*, Leonidas *Pg*, and Windfall *Pg*