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Inspection Requirements and Scoring Explained

The inspection season is approaching and there are requirements that members should be aware of prior to the inspection. Please refer to this page prior to each inspection as they are subject to change by the ATA Board of Trustees.

Owners exhibiting horses in ATA Inspections are required to:

  1. Be Active Members of the American Trakehner Association or pay double the published fees
  2. Have a completed and signed the Application for Inspection on each horse.
  3. Pay all required inspection fees in advance of the inspection and by the deadline.
  4. Inspection entries not complete by the published deadline for the Annual Meeting will be charged an expedite fee of $100.

All horses except foals at side and weanlings applying for inspection are required to have registration certificates with the appropriate breeding registry. Weanlings require at least a pending application for registration.

  1. Trakehners, Anglo Trakehners and Arab Trakehner horses are required to be registered with the American Trakehner Association.
  2. Mares must be at least 3 years old.
  3. Thoroughbred horses are required to be registered with the Jockey Club.
  4. Purebred Arabian horses are required to be registered with either The Arabian Horse Registry of America, the Canadian Arabian Horse Registry or the World Arabian Organization.
  5. Anglo-Arabian horses are required to be registered with either The International Arabian Horse Association, or the Canadian Partbred-Arabian Registry.
  6. Shagya-Arabian or Anglo-Shagya horses are required to be registered in a stud book member of the International Shagy-Araber Gesellschaft e.V. or the Internationale Purebred Shagya-Arab Society

Thoroughbred and Arabian horse owners are required to submit along with application, a complete 4 generation pedigree plus a racing record report indicating the horse’s:

  1. Racing record report showing number of starts, placing and total earnings or
  2. Racing record report from same organization documenting a horse did not race.
  3. These reports are available on-line at www.equibase.comfor Thoroughbreds or www.arabdatasource.comfor Arabians

Please see required ATA Genetic Testing Requirements

A negative Coggins test plus a veterinary health certificate for each horse is required to be provided to the host at each inspection site and is to accompany each horse indicating they show no sign of infectious diseases to help protect the horses of fellow members. The ONLY exception to this requirement is a state where intra-state transportation does NOT require a negative Coggins test.

Owners of stallions applying for inspection should see Stallion Guidelines for requirements and details related to stallion inspection. Note: all ATA stallions are subject to ATA Genetic Testing Requirements.

Minimum approval scores were changed in 2006.

Breed Stallions Mares Conditions
Trakehners 58 42 With no category score below 5
PSB 50% Trakehner Mares   44 With no category score below 5
Thoroughbreds and Arabians 60 49 With no category score below 5

 Inspection Scoring explained

  1. Criteria for Scoring:

·         Type                            - Breed and gender type

·         Frame                          - Part of the body above the legs

·         Legs                            - Including hooves

·         Walk                            - 4-beat gait

·         Trot                              - 2-beat gait

·         Canter                         - 3-beat gait

·         General Impression - Including temperament.  (For stallions 4 years of age or older the under-saddle demonstration is included in this score).

·         Free Jumping              - Required for stallions only


         For Foals, Weanlings and Yearlings only – Scores for Type, Conformation and Movement

The scores are numerical “shorthand” for words that describe the observation made during the inspection.  No decimals or fractions of a score are used.  The numerical scores correspond to the following words:

10 – Excellent                        6 – Satisfactory                        2 – Poor

  9 – Very Good                      5 – Marginal                            1 – Very Poor

  8 – Good                              4 – Insufficient                         0 – Not Scored

  7 – Fairly Good                    3 – Fairly Poor           


  1. Minimum Total Scores for approval for Stud Book with no individual criterion score below a 5:

·         Trakehner OSB Stallions                          58 points

·         Thoroughbred/Arabian Stallions               60 points

·         Trakehner OSB Mares                              42 points

·         PSB 50% Trakehner Mares                      44 points

·         PSB Thoroughbred and Arabian Mares    49 points


  1. Minimum Total Scores for Premium designation for Trakehner Stallions and Foals, and for Model Mares:

·         Trakehner Stallions                 64 points (Average 8 for the 8 Criteria = 64)

·         Trakehner Mares                     56 points (Average 8 for the 7 Criteria = 56)

·         Trakehner Foals/Weanlings    24 points (Average 8 for the 3 Criteria = 24)


Note: Yearlings, Thoroughbred and Arabian stallions and mares are NOT eligible for inspection Premium titles. Only Trakehner stallions, Trakehner ORB mares applying for the OSB and 50% Trakehner mares applying for the PSB and Trakehner foals are eligible for Premium status.