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INSPECTION: Nomination & Application Instructions

In order to assist the Inspection Committee and the ATA Office in organizing the annual inspections, owners wishing to have mares or stallions inspected are asked to nominate them by March 1 of that year. Please note that horses nominated in a previous year and not presented must be nominated again for the current year.

The NOMINATION FORM can be completed online from the ATA Web site. It can also be printed, completed and sent to the ATA Office (663 Hopewell Drive, Heath Ohio 43056) or faxed to 740-344-3225 by March 1. (No acknowledgments of receipt of these nominations will be sent.)  Please do not use this form after March 1.  

There is no cost to nominate a horse.

The inspection host site information will be cross-tabulated by ZIP or Postal Codes to determine the inspection sites that are most accessible to most of the nominated horses. Please note that a good deal of organization, to coordinate host and inspector schedules, is necessary, and a final schedule of the inspection sites should be available after March 15 of each year.

After you see the list of inspection sites and dates in the Trakehner Times or on the ATA Website (www.americantrakehner.com), please carefully observe the closing date for entries for the inspection you wish to attend. Complete the online inspection application from the ATA Website or print the form, complete it, and send it to the ATA Office.  Discounted rates expire at the published deadline and fees revert to the original rate.  

Late entries beyond the published deadline for the inspection at the annual meeting will be assessed an expedite fee of $100. 

Insufficient final entries may result in cancellation of some inspection sites. If the ATA Office does not receive enough complete entries (accompanied by inspection fees and registration certificates) by the respective deadline, that site may be canceled. Furthermore, if you have not submitted your inspection application with appropriate fees and your horse's registration certificate by that date, the office staff will not know to notify you of the cancellation. Please respect the deadlines for the individual sites. They are very important in the inspection planning process.

Remember, the inspections are a two-step process:


then, after the annual inspection sites have been determined,


together with the appropriate fees and the horse's original registration certificate.


NOTE: The American Trakehner Association prohibits a number of substances in horses that are being inspected for the Official Studbook or Preliminary Stud Book. Prohibited substances include stimulants, depressants, tranquilizers, internal or local anesthetics (pain-killers), non-steroidal anti-inflammatory products, anabolic steroids, or any drug or drug metabolite which might affect the performance or the temperament of a horse. Testing cost is at ATA expense. At the discretion of the Inspection Committee, the ATA may request a licensed veterinarian to collect blood and/or urine samples from any horse for the purpose of testing for prohibited substances by a laboratory of the ATA’s choosing. Samples may be taken at the inspection site and testing cost is an ATA expense. All samples drawn will be the property of the ATA. Owners of horses coming to an ATA inspection grant permission for the collection of blood and/or urine samples from any horse which the Inspection Committee wishes to test. Horses found to have the presence of any prohibited substance within their system may be denied entry into the ATA stud book.