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Member Renewal

There are several types of ATA memberships: Active, Youth, Lifetime and Distinguished. Lifetime membership is equivalent to an active membership, and is available at ten times the current annual active membership rate. At the end of each membership year, all current active/youth members are invoiced for the dues required to retain good standing. 

An Annual Year Membership runs from 12/1 through 11/30 of each year.

Owners of an ATA approved stallion are required to be active/youth or lifetime/distinguished members.

A member must own a purebred Trakehner horse recorded with the ATA in order to hold office or vote on registration and branding matters. Any member in good standing may participate in the year-end Awards Program.

Active Membership is available to natural persons or entities (families, partnerships, corporations, and similar entities). It is available on an annual basis. Membership expires on December 1 of each year.

Youth Membership allows those age 21 years or younger to participate in the Awards Program on ATA registered horses. Youth members may vote if they are 18 years old or older at the time the vote occurs. It is available on an annual basis. Membership expires on December 1 of each year.

Lifetime Membership (available at 10 times the current annual membership rate) is available to natural persons or entities (families, partnerships, corporations, and similar entities) electing to make this single one-time payment.

Distinguished Members are selected by the membership for exemplary service to the Association and may hold office, serve on, or chair committees and vote on all matters.

Entities (families, farms, partnerships, corporations, and similar entities) must select one voting member.

The ATA Provides the Following Member Services (not an inclusive list):

  • Reduced horse registration fees
  • Eligible to participate in the ATA Year End Awards Program
  • The Trakehner Times newsletter (only available to members)
  • An annual Yearbook and Breeder’s Guide
  • All published issues of The American Trakehner magazine
  • Access to online membership directory, online newsletters, and more
  • Receive any informational mailings
  • Eligible to attend and vote at the Annual Meeting (Note: must own a purebred Trakehner to vote on registration matters)
  • Stallion & mare inspections
  • Branding of horses
  • Eligible to participate on committees & hold office
  • Allowed 2 complimentary website sales horse advertisements per year with reduced prices for additional sales ads

Become part of our tight-knit network of volunteers and friends of the Trakehner horse. Develop friendships and professional relationships with others who share the same interest in the breed. The intangible benefits of membership may soon become your most important reason for being an ATA member.


For complete member information please refer to the Corporate Regulations
or contact the chair of our membership committee.

ATA Mission
To establish, maintain, and operate a non-profit association of breeders, owners and friends for the promotion and preservation in the Western Hemisphere of the warmblood horse of Trakehner origin; to maintain a public registry of Trakehner horses: to mark, or brand, approved stallions, mares and foals with the Association's corporate seal; to disseminate information to breeders, owners and friends pertaining to the breeding and raising of Trakehner horses: to promote the performance of the Trakehner horse in dressage, three-day eventing, hunting, jumping and driving; and generally do all the things appropriate to encourage a public understanding of the Trakehner horse, its breeding and performance.