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ATA Registered Horse Lookup Database Search Hints

All registered horses can be looked up - please choose one of the options below to view the lookup. IMPORTANT Note: This search returns all matching horses in our database - with performance information, so putting in only an initial may take time and may timeout before completing. If that happens, type more of the name.

 Search by ATA Registered Name or Show Name - please enter as much of the name as you know.
If you don't find it - try entering fewer character or use our search hints.


Search by ATA Sire to get a list of all registered offspring


Search by ATA Dam to get a list of all registered offspring


 Search by ATA Registered Name or Show Name

If after trying all possible variations on the spelling your search still returns no results, send details on the horse you are searching for to the ATA Office for assistance.


For names containing abbreviations such as Dr. & Ms. try searching for the name without the punctuation. For example: Dr Detroit

Special Characters

Many names within this database contain special characters - most notably umlauts and accents. Searching for a name without these characters correctly entered will yield no results.

To type these characters hold down your "ALT" key while typing the following number combinations using the keypad portion of your keyboard.

ä = ALT + 0228
ö = ALT + 0246
ü = ALT + 0252
é = ALT + 0233

Below are commonly used name fragments that usually contain special characters:

  • bluete - blute = blüte
  • floete - flote = flöte
  • fuerst - furst = fürst
  • gruen - grun = grün
  • jaeger - jager = jäger
  • koenig - konig = könig
  • loewen - lowen = löwen
  • maedchen - madchen = mädchen
  • maedel - madel = mädel
  • maerchen - marchen = märchen
  • praerie - prarie = prärie
  • schoen - schon = schön
  • stueck - stuck = stück
  • taenzer - tanzer = tänzer
  • traeum - traum = träum
  • ae = ä
  • oe = ö
  • ue = ü


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