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Nomination for Inspection
If you are within 2 weeks of the inspection you wish to attend, please DO NOT use this form
- use the Inspection Application instead)

Please select and read Comprehensive Instructions prior to submitting your Inspection Nomination:
  1. Fill out the form below completely before you Submit- we need names, registration #s and location of the horse(s) information.
  2. Mares must be 3 years-old before their inspection date. Please do not nominate mares that are less than 2-1/2 years old.
  3. All horses must be registered prior to being nominated - please plan ahead.
  4. If nominating a stallion:
    • You must be an ATA member in good standing to bring a stallion for inspection.
    • If nominating a Thoroughbred or Arabian stallion for inspection, you must send all required performance paperwork to determine eligibility for inspection.
    • Please familiarize yourself with the Veterinarian Check/x-Ray requirements and other stallion inspection requirements
  5. Please note that you MUST submit an Inspection APPLICATION and pay your fees prior to any inspection.

Which Inspection Type to Select:

  • Official Stud Book (OSB): Trakehner Mares with registered Trakehner sire and dam (must be at least 3 years old by date of inspection)
  • Preliminary Stud Book (PSB) inspections: Anglo-Trakehner, Arab-Trakehner, Thoroughbred, Arabian, Shagya Mares. (must be at least 3 years old by date of inspection)
  • OSB mares by Trakehner Stallions: out of PSB Mares or 7/8th Anglo-Trakehner or Arab-Trakehner Mares. (must be at least 3 years old by date of inspection)
  • Voluntary Evaluation: mares in OSB without marks, mares not eligible for PSB or OSB and Trakehner geldings, other breeds reviewed for Sporthorse qualities.
  • Evaluation of Foals (under 1 year) or Yearlings (over 1 and before their 2nd birthday)
  • Stallions for breeding approval: Trakehner (OSB registered sire/OSB or PSB registered dam), Thoroughbred or Arabian stallion
  • Mare and Riding Horse Performance Test: any breed eligible; horse must be at least three years of age; trained to saddle; and have training and experience in free jumping.
I wish to present horses in the following categories for inspection
(site selection is dependent on the number of Horses nominated):

Inspection Year*:

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Horse NAME* Registration #* Location of Horse (City/State/Province)* Inspection Type Being Requested* Brand?

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To complete this request, enter the numeric code on the right into the box below, then select Submit below*:

If you wish to have a horse inspected please submit this form online above or copy and email it to

ATA address

Prior to the actual inspection please complete the Inspection Application and send the appropriate inspection fee ($200 for OSB and PSB inspection; $125 for voluntary non-stud book mare or gelding; $75 for voluntary marks or evaluation of young stock, $650 for stallions unless pre-nominated) to the ATA Office before the inspection you wish to attend. You will also need to bring your horse's original registration certificate to the inspection.
(For further information, please visit our Inspections page. An
Inspection Schedule will be posted as soon as the schedule is finalized for each year.