ATA Inspection Requirements

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Prenominated STALLION
- ANY breed eligible; horse must be at least three years of age; trained to saddle; and have training and experience in free jumping.
- ANY non-stud-book eligible MARE or GELDING

If applying for the inspection of a stallion:
          Has this stallion over been inspected before by any Trakehner organization worldwide? Yes No


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  1. Please send the original ATA registration certificate (if applicable) with appropriate fees – (if your horse is approved for breeding, this certificate will be cancelled and a new one will be issued putting your newly approved horse into the proper division of the registry).

  2. If your horse is a Thoroughbred, Arabian, or Shagya Arabian, please submit a notarized or certified copy of their original certificate of registration. Please submit 4 generation pedigree and race record (if applicable) for Thoroughbreds. Arabian or Arab-Trakehner owners – please read the information about the Genetic Testing Requrements here.

  3. All horses approved for breeding must have their DNA on file before we can release their new certificate of registration reflecting Stud Book status. DNA kits can be ordered online for $60.00.

  4. After your horse is inspected you will receive the inspector’s score sheet and inspection report from the ATA office.

  5. The American Trakehner Association prohibits a number of substances in horses that are being inspected for the Official Studbook or Preliminary Stud Book. Prohibited substances include stimulants, depressants, tranquilizers, internal or local anesthetics (pain-killers), non-steroidal anti-inflammatory products, anabolic steroids, or any drug or drug metabolite which might affect the performance or the temperament of a horse. Testing cost is at ATA expense. At the discretion of the Inspection Committee, the ATA may request a licensed veterinarian to collect blood and/or urine samples from any horse for the purpose of testing for prohibited substances by a laboratory of the ATA’s choosing. Samples may be taken at the inspection site and testing cost is an ATA expense. All samples drawn will be the property of the ATA. Owners of horses coming to an ATA inspection grant permission for the collection of blood and/or urine samples from any horse which the Inspection Committee wishes to test. Horses found to have the presence of any prohibited substance within their system may be denied entry into the ATA stud book.

  6. You may call a credit card into the ATA Office or, if you prefer, you can print this form and send it with a check to the address on the bottom of this form.

  7. Inspection Fees:
  8. INSPECTION FEES * Member (Early Discount) Member (Reg Fee) Non-Member

    Stallion Inspection 


    Prenominate Colt (If paid within 12 months of foal date and at time of reg) 

    $100   $200

    Stallion Inspection

    $650 $750 $1,500

    Stallion Inspection - If Pre-Nominated (reduced rate for nomination as a foal)

    $350 $450 $900

    Mare/Young Horse Inspection


    Mare Inspection for OSB

    $200 $250 $500

    Preliminary Stud Book Inspection (for Thoroughbred & Arabian mares)

    $200 $250 $500

    Voluntary Mare, Gelding & Young Horse Inspection & Grading

    $125 $175 $350

    Voluntary Weanling/Foal Inspection & Grading

    $125 $175 $350
    * Member Early Discounts are only available if all paperwork is submitted and the fee(s) paid in full at least 4 weeks prior to the inspection date