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Titulus *Pb*
Registration #: OSB-E-S391


Birthdate: 3/30/2001

E.H. Kasparow / E.St. Tiffany XI / Timber
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Approved "best jumper" in Neumünster 2003 with a perfect "10", performance tested in Germany. Competed successfully at 1.35 m show jumping in the US and Canada. His sire, E.H. Kasparow, was successful at PSG dressage and CCI2*-S eventing and produced S level horses in dressage and show jumping. Titulus's dam E.St. Tiffany XI, is from one of the breed's most consistent jumper families. Titulus is a close maternal relative to Tsetserleg TSF (USEF National eventing champion ), the approved Tecumseh (National Trakehner show jumper champion), Tarison (best jumper of his approvals), the S level dressage horse Troubadour, and the 2019 NMS Reserve Champion Tempelhof. Notable offspring: - Tiberius (German eventing team, CCI5*-L and 1.30 m show jumping) - First Flight Alliance (CCI4*-S for France) - Sunsprite Syrius (CCI4* eventer and Champion at Fair HIll in 2017) - Hypnotic *Ps* (1.30 m show jumper) - Tristan (approved ZfdP 2020 in Germany)

Owner: Patricia Mallet
36 rue Léonard St Sauveur,, QC J0R 1R4 Canada
Phone:514 944 0602 / Cell: / Fax:

Testing Status:

WFFS: No Test Results Available
 Genetic Tests: No Test Results Available


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Titulus *Pb* E.H. Kasparow E.H. Sixtus Habicht Burnus (AA)
Stradelle Ibikus
St.Pr.,Pr.&E.St. Kandra Kostolany Enrico Caruso *Ps*E*
Kanessa Schwalbenherbst

E.St. Tiffany XI Timber Marlon Pasteur xx
Pr.St.&E.St. Maharani II
Pr.St. Tertia III Heros
Tarabiscote Caanitz Aron
St.Pr.,Pr.&E.St. Couleur
Treuburg III Kopernikus
Breeder: Silke Musick


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