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Registration #: OSB-A-S365

Stallion Status: Inactive

Color:Bay       Height: 17h
Birthdate: 5/13/1999 - Deceased : Aug 09, 2010

E.H. Caprimond / Tapferkeit / Avignon II
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Timotheus was bred by Bonnie Brabbs of Grass Valley, California and was approved by the ATA in August of 2002 in Spokane, WA with a score of 61 points - Overall Impression "8". "Timotheus' proportions and type are exactly what we look for in the Trakehner horse. He will be a very good stallion for adding type, expression and temperament". Trakehner Verband Representative. He was the only son of E.H. Caprimond to be bred and stand in the United States. He stood at Bonnie's Chez Risette Farm until 2008 when he was leased to Debra Tyler, Tylord Farm for the 2009 breeding season when he was sold to Joe Pimentel of Florida in July of 2010. 3 weeks after arriving at Aqua Farms, Timotheus died. He leaves 9 purebred trakehner offspring. Inspection comments: Timotheus is a handsome, masculine bay stallion showing a great deal of balance and harmony. He is a very expressive colt showoing much Trakehner type. His neck set is very good and he has a good coupling with well developed quarters. He has well developed withers and a good saddle position. He also has fairly good legs with only the right fore slightly offset, yet it is a strong foundation. His hind legs are correct. All three gaits are fairly good in movement, but occasionally he could have more impulsion and elevation of the front. He is a willing jumper with a good technique over the obstacles. His expression and type, very good temperament and willing character should be an improvement for mares needing thse traits. (Brad Kerbs)

Last Known Owner: Joseph Pimentel
6941 John Pitts Road Panama City, FL 32404
Phone:850-763-0697 (day) / Cell:850-819-5000 / Fax: 850-785-0717


No Test Results On File


    Mare Family: T 17 A 4 – Tansania/67
Timotheus E.H. Caprimond Karon E.H. Arogno Flaneur
E.St. Arcticonius xx
Karben Ibikus
Pr.St. Kaprice II
St.Pr.St. Capri VI E.H. Mackensen Patron
Pr.St.&E.St. Maharani II
Pr.St. Coeur-As Herzbube

Tapferkeit Avignon II Flaneur Maharadscha
Flocke IV
E.St. Arcticonius xx Apollonius xx
Arctic Gail xx
Tjabine Hartenstein Handelsherr
Tansania Hartung
Breeder: Bonnie Brabbs


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