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Amiego *Ps*E*
Registration #: OSB-A-S121

Stallion Status: Inactive

Color:Gray       Height: 17h
Birthdate: 4/10/1974 - Deceased : 1991

Händel / Abiza *E* / Maharadscha
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Performance Results On Record

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Amiego *Ps*E* was purchased as a yearling by John Krenger who owned him throughout the rest of his life. He was approved in November of 1976 by the ATA in Chicago, IL. He managed a remarkable performance career despite a serious hip injury in 1977 which forced his owners to confine him to a sling in a standing stall for 6 months. In 1987 while on loan to the Bermuda eventing team, Amiego won a Bronze Medal at the Pan Am Games under the guidance of Peter Gray. Due to great interest from Germany, he was shipped to Europe in December of 1989 where he was formally approved as a breeding stallion by the Trakehner Verband. Stories of how he effortlessly jumped out of the inspection arena are stillbeing told. During his brief stay in German,y he covered an astounding 121 registered Trakehner mares. Sadly he died a few short months after returning to North America. 1985 - AHSA Zone 5 Hunter HOY - 3rd - Regular Conformation Hunter 1986 - ATA Winner - Trakehner Förderverein Award 1986 - ATA Res. Champ. - CT - Intermediate 1987 - Pan Am Games - 3-Day-Event - Bronze Medal 1987 - ATA Winner - Trakehner Förderverein Award 1987 - ATA Winner - Cäsar Memorial Cup 1987 - ATA Champion - CT - Advanced 1988 - ATA Champion - CT - Canadian Preliminary ATA Approved Sons: Kitfox, Troy European Approved Sons: Graziello (FRG)

Last Known Owner: Carol and John Krenger
911 S Fleming Road Woodstock, IL 60098
Phone: / Cell: / Fax:


No Test Results On File


    Mare Family: O 16 A 1 – Abiza/63
Amiego *Ps*E* Händel Carajan I Herbstwind Perserfürst
Cajenne Trara
Hapag Komet Goldregen
Handfeste Heidedichter

Abiza *E* Maharadscha Famulus Fetysz ox
Marke Markvogt
J. Feldrose
Abendrot Absalon Poseidon
Arbeitgeberin Alaskafuchs
Breeder: Gerhard Schickedanz


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