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Lord Luciano
Registration #: OSB-A-S442

Dark Bay

Birthdate: 5/24/2002

Enrico Caruso *Ps*E* / Lily of the Valley / Unkenruf *Pg*E*
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Photo Credit(s): 1)Tanya Kaiser   /   (2): Tanya Kaiser   /   3) Christine Gregoriou   /   4) Bill Alpin

Lord Luciano, American bred and German approved, is by Enrico Caruso *E*Ps* out of Lily of the Valley by Unkenruf *E*Pg*. He has a lifetime breeding license with the Trakehner, Rhineland and Westphalia Verbands. He received four '10's and two '9's' at his 30 day test finishing with the highest score given out to a Trakehner and completing his 70 day test the following year. Competed successfully Internationally at Grand Prix. He has 30+ foals on the ground out of which he has the approved stallion Zauberlord and seven State's Premium daughters. One of which is Dolce Luciana, who at three was the 3rd highest scoring mare in Germany, was awarded the Supreme Champion mare of the Rheinland and went on to win her mare performance test. She is now owned by Queen Elizabeth II. His frozen semen has proven to be extremely fertile.

Owner: Deb Tyler, Tylord Farm
3356 Rte 22A Benson, VT 5743
Phone:802-537-4690 / Cell:802-884-5102 / Fax:

Testing Status:

WFFS Negative
Genetic Tests Clear

PO Box 343, 148 Canoe Tree Way, Marshfield Hills, Mass. 02051

Breeding Information: Semen Availability: Fresh Shipped or Frozen
Collection/Handling: fresh - $275-300
Shipping Fees: Actual fedex charges


    Mare Family: O 235 A 2 - Lorelei
Lord Luciano Enrico Caruso *Ps*E* Mahagoni Pasteur xx Bürgermeister xx
Praline xx
Pr.St.&E.St. Maharani II Flaneur
E.St. Marquise
Elchniederung Amagun Gunnar
Elbing Konsul

Lily Of The Valley Unkenruf *Pg*E* Donauwind *E* Pregel
E.St.Donaulied vom Schimmelhof
Ultima Oekonom
Litchen Tannenberg *E* Sterndeuter
Lonka Heros
Breeder: Debra L Tyler Tylord Farm


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