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ATA 2018 Convention Silent Auction

Auction Runs from Nov 1 (6 am EST) - November 9 (9 pm EST)
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Great Stallions and Trakehner Merchandise & Memorabilia to Choose from:

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Who knows what is inside? The original 1990 Program
0 /

School at the incredible FL Horse Park
37 / bidder

Schooling at Poplar Place Farm in Hamilton GA.
38 / Helen

Team Gold Medalist and Individual Silver Medalist at 1984 Olympics, 1985 WCF and at 1986 World Championship
Donauwind *E* / Abiza *E* / Maharadscha
600 / 007

Beautiful b/w full page ad for the stallion Egmont.
1 / Helen

Ad for the Matador son, Horatio.
0 /

Featuring the arrival of Graditz *E* as well as the stallions, Vincent, Pregelstrand *Ps*E*, and Erzsand *E*.
1 / Aim High

Cool ad for the Flaneur son, Troubadour *Pg*
0 /

Soleil Equestrian Center ad featuring Presto
0 /

Fantastic ad for the Cornelius son, Koree. This ad also features some of his offspring.
0 / Traveler

1 Hour Amanda Moretz Equine Bodywork Session
35 / Helen

Two pages of b/w ads for Ameigo
0 /

Show your TK love at work or in your home office!
5 / Helen

Cool Patch with American Trakehner, Logo, and a Dressage and Jumper Horse
3 / Zasu

Two page color spread of three of the Merritt Award Winners in 1990 including Inspektur, Samurai II and Amethyst.
0 /

Two Page, Full Color Ad for the stallion Azurit
0 /

Ad for the Convention Program in the 1990's for Brenderup
1 / EA

Brave & brilliant, Cardinali is ah
fresh shipped
Tradition *Pb* / Catherine / Impulsivo xx
0 /

Lovely conformation photo of the stallion Herzberg
0 /

Lovely color photo of Advocate *Ps* flying over a fence in competition.
0 /

E.H. Hirtentanz showing best jumper technique
5 / anglotrak

Make your horse's coat the winning edge with Equiderma!
37 / kc

Stallion ad for one of the first North American bred approved stallions
0 /

Featuring 5 past Palmenbluete Award winners. This poster is numbered 5/500 and is framed (although frame is not in great condition).
10 / Kleeh

Featuring their stallion Inselkoenig.
0 /

Featuring 3 stallions, Koenig, Inselkoenig, and Leopard 590 (SWB).
0 /

The look of eagles was in his large eyes
Frozen Only
Seigneur/Harfe VI/Flaneur
550 / Symphony

This Heritage Farm ad layout featuring the stallion, Palmenstrand by Polarmond out of Palme by Harnisch.
0 /

Another beautiful photo of the stallion Herzberg under saddle
0 /

gift certificate for soap of your choice and conditioner
26 / 007

Laser engraved with the ATA Logo, these 20 oz Himalayan tumblers are like the Yeti's.
37 / Traveler

Showjumping Champion in multiple venues,
Veimaras / Hipogeja / Gret
500 / Zasu

An ad for the Mahon stallion Horizon out of Harma, with a foal photo.
0 /

Beautiful one of a kind - designed especially for the ATA Silent Auction of a horse head.
75 / 007

The highly poplar book In the Middle are the Horsemen by Tik Maynard, autographed by Tik.
22 / Shonny

Evented up to CCI1* and Intermediate Levels winning multiple awards, prizes & cash. 4th level Dressage with scores to 68+%
Fresh or Frozen
E.H. Buddenbrock/Pr St Indira XV/Fontainbleu
0 /

So much history in this one ad - an older ad for Judy Yancey as Green Gabel Farms and introduction of Koree along with offspring!
15 / Traveler

Fantastic jackets with the ATA Logo on them
81 / 007

2 page ad for JS Aeire Farm featuring their Futurity Offspring
0 /

Old full page ad for the stallion Justiz and a color photo of him as well!
0 /

Approved stallion Kaspareit by Mozart ad for Tower Farm Trakehners.
1 / Hmer1

Two ads for one! There is a full page color ad and a b/w copy of it!
0 /

Walk down memory lane with this think pamphlet from Knoll Farm
5 / EA

Lesson with 4* Eventer, Jon Holling in Florida!
100 / EA

17.2 h
Ch Riding Horse at 3, at 4 (2013) highest scoring Trakehner Stallion, Germany. 2014: Regional Ch. Dressage A and 3rd at Trakehner Bundesturnier Ch. Riding Horse Finale
Prince Patmos / Mireille Mathieu / Cosmir
550 / slopez57

Cool Metal TK Logo Sign
51 / DMills

Featuring a full color photo of the stallion, Inspekteur.
5 / Carlsberg

B/W photo ad from Moonlight Farm Featuring the stallions Fabius and Sigurd
5 / kc

One of the early ads for Onassis *E* when he stood at what was then Fair Day Farm
5 / EA

Beautiful photo of Herzberg in Competition
0 /

These will grace any bar in any home!
21 / Traveler

Who doesn't want sparkly, pink glitter for their horse?
11 / Ant

Fun and Cool bundle of ads of Pennant - includes photo
5 / EA

Signed memorabilia of Peron *Pg*E* and Michelle Gibson at the Summer Olympics in 1996.
50 / JodyR

Beautiful ad layout of the stallion Tarim featuring two of his offspring
0 /

Beautiful head shot of Constantin by Charly Chaplin
0 /

Unsigned photo of Peron *Pg*E* from the 1996 Olympics
25 / JodyR

Own a small piece of history with this photo of Tizgane *Pb* in 2003 eventing.
0 /

Beautiful color photo of Windfall *Pg*E* with Darren Chiacchia in the irons XC at the 2004 Olympic Games.
5 / DEH

Winner of 8 HOY Champion Working Hunter titles
Fresh Shipped or on Premises
Carino *E* / Palma Nigra *E* / Habicht
0 /

Beautiful, large pot with handles and a lid Polish Pottery.
12 / TnTrak

beautiful polish pottery mug with horses running around the rim.
15 / EA

Equestrian motif baking dish of Polish Pottery
26 / EA

Decorative and practical, this is a Polish Pottery plate with an equestrian motif.
17 / kc

This is a smaller dish with a bright orange floral pattern
16 / Ant

Enjoy your coffee to go in this cute Polish Pottery mug with an equestrian motif!
20 / Moose

Own a piece of history! Beautiful poster of past Palmenbluete Award Winners!
2 / Aim High

Own a piece of history! Beautiful poster of past Palmenbluete Award Winners!
2 / kc

Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields (PEMF) Treatment with Laura Mungioli
35 / SJC_PVE

Cool old ad layout for the Mackensen son, Samurai II.
0 /

An original b/w photo of Saxon along with the finished ad.
0 /

Full color photo ad for Carizma by Ivermel.
0 /

Full Color Ad for the gelding Trinity by Schwadroneur x Pardon Go.
0 /

2006 Champion at NMS, Songline qualified for the National Young Horse Championships in 2009 and 2010, winning in 2010.
Summertime / Pr.,StPr. u. ESt. Schwalbenspiel / Exclusiv
0 /

What a find! Color photo of Special Memories with Phillip Dutton in the irons
2 / 007

Enjoy your own private 27 acre wooded property with a comfortable and beautiful 2 Story house outside Acadia National Forrest.
500 / EA

1992 Ad for the stallion, Tamino *Pb*
0 /

Competing successfully with young amateur at I-1, scores into 70%s. 5th, 2017 USDF Nationals I-1 Freestyle AA. Shooting for GrandPrix in 2018. Offspring successful in dressage, eventing and jumping and inherit great gaits & temperament
Enrico Caruso *Ps*E* / Tannenelfe *E* / Pregelstrand *Ps*E*
550 / Eeyore

Top Trakehner Eventing Sire 2017. Competing up to 2* Eventing. Offspring very successful in eventing and dressage.
Fresh Shipped or Frozen
Onassis *E* / Tanzania *E* / Avignon II
500 / kdk

Beautiful photo of the Condus son, Tempelritter. This photo is on layout paper for an ad.
0 /

Set of 4 Coasters with Stallion Eye Candy on them!
2 / Helen

Cool 8 x 10 ad/photo about Trakehners and the ATA from the 1990's
2 / EA

Rolling Oaks Farm Ad featuring BŁtow *E* and Pajou!
0 /

Cool ad for Tylord Farm featuring Enrico Caruso *Ps*E*, Laiken *Pb* and Unkenruf *Pg*E*
0 /

Very special farm ad for Valhalla introducing Hailo and Martini!
0 /

Another lovely photo of Windfall at the 2004 Olympic Games.
10 / DEH

Featuring two of their stallions, Insterfurst and Zauberklang
0 /
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