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Auction Runs from Feb 1 (1 am CST) - Feb 14 (10 pm CST)
Official Auction Time:10:32:5 CST (refresh page for current)

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2024 ATA Stallion Service Auction
Presenting the Best of the ATA's Approved Stallions!

The American Trakehner Association is the only Trakehner breeding association in North America recognized by the German Trakehner Verband.

Abdullah *Pg*E*

Donauwind *E* / Abiza *E* / Maharadscha
Height: 17h   /  Semen Availability: Frozen

Team Gold Medalist and Individual Silver Medalist at 1984 Olympics, 1985 WCF and at 1986 World Championship

Current Bid: $850.00 Winner: ARDVM
Auction Closed February 14

American Dream

Hancock *Ps* / Amourette GS / Always Run Lucky xx
Height: 16.3h   /  Semen Availability: Fresh or Frozen

Premium stallion starting his sport career with influential pedigree in dressage and eventing

Current Bid: $500.00 Winner: 3DE
Auction Closed February 14

Cardinali *Pb*

Tradition *Pb* / Catherine / Impulsivo xx
Height: 16.1h   /  Semen Availability: Fresh Shipped

Cardinali is an Intermediate level Eventer who has been primarily competed by a YR

Current Bid: $500.00 Winner: Layn
Auction Closed February 14


White Magic xx / Copernica / Copernicus
Height: 16.3h   /  Semen Availability: Frozen

Crescendo brings an elegant color option to the ATA stallion line-up in addition to his rideability and superb character. Great sire option for eventing, h/j or dressage

Current Bid: $550.00 Winner: InsideTrack
Auction Closed February 14

Der Dante *Pb*

Stravinksy xx / Dephi / E.H. Hohenstein
Height: 16.2h   /  Semen Availability: Frozen or Fresh

Verband approved upper level eventer who competed with Michael Jung!

Current Bid: $650.00 Winner: IP
Auction Closed February 14

Dickens of Holme Ranch *Pb*

Tzigane *Pb* / Holme Grove Devaux / Holme Park Krug
Height: 16.2h   /  Semen Availability: Fresh

The only US approved son of Tzigane *Pb*, Dickens of Holme Ranch *Pb* is successfully competing on the Florida circuit in dressage, jumping and eventing.

Current Bid: $500.00 Winner: 3DE
Auction Closed February 14

Donaufürst *Ps*E*

Mahagoni / Donaufahrt vom Schimmelhof / Pregel
Height: 16.2h   /  Semen Availability: Frozen

Donaufürst was a champion in the h/j ring as well as in FEI Dressage. His offspring are known for their great gaits and amazing temperaments.

Current Bid: $600.00 Winner: Aim High
Auction Closed February 14

E.H. Grafenstolz TSF

Height:   /  Semen Availability: 1 Dose Frozen (4 straws)

WBFSH Top Eventing Sire producing multiple 5* eventers

Current Bid: $1,050.00 Winner: 3DE
Auction Closed February 14

E.H. Herzensdieb

Tambour / St. Pr/El. St. Herzensfreude / Tivano
Height: 16.2   /  Semen Availability: Fresh Shipped or Frozen

Reserve Champion of his 70 Day Testing. He completed his testing with a 133.56 for dressage; 111.90 for jumping, and an overall score of 127.78. He won the cross country with 9.5 and received a 9.0 for trot, 9.5 for canter, and 8.5 for walk

Current Bid: $1,350.00 Winner: Delphi
Auction Closed February 14

Elfenperfekt *Pg*

Peron *Pg*E* / Elfentraum *E* / Zauberklang *E*
Height: 170cm   /  Semen Availability: Frozen

Elfenperfekt is a winning FEI Grand Prix dressage stallion by the great Olympic Dressage Horse, Peron *Pg*E*.

Current Bid: $500.00 Winner: Pop
Auction Closed February 14


E.H. Sixtus / Flotte II / Istanbul
Height: 16.2h   /  Semen Availability: Frozen

Verband approved stallion who is highly versatile as a sire producing UL competitors in Dressage, Eventing, and Jumpers.

Current Bid: $750.00 Winner: EH
Auction Closed February 14

FCF Oberons Vanity ox

AF Vanitys Repeat ox / Brumarba Callisto ox / Opalo ox
Height: 14.3h   /  Semen Availability: Frozen

Arabian stallion of true sport horse type and an extraordinary internal character. Performance proven via the 70 day test and in competition through Intermediare dressage.

Current Bid: $500.00 Winner: Pat
Auction Closed February 14


Height: 16.1h   /  Semen Availability: Frozen

Verband Approved CCI4* Eventing stallion newly available in the US!

Current Bid: $700.00 Winner: Pat
Auction Closed February 14

Hailo *Pg*E*

EH Anduc / Heraklia / Thor
Height: 16.1   /  Semen Availability: Frozen

Grand Prix dressage into his 20's. Produces offspring that love to show in all fields, with winners at Grand Prix jumping as well as Grand Prix

Current Bid: $500.00 Winner: Seeingspots
Auction Closed February 14

Heroic Measures

Platinum vom Rappenhoff *Pb* / Helena RH / EH Biotop
Height: 16.2h   /  Semen Availability: Fresh Shipped

Exceptional jumping abilities, breathtaking dressage movements, and temperament that can win shows and affectionately win the hearts

Current Bid: $550.00 Winner: temcat
Auction Closed February 14

Inamorato *Pb*

E.H. Buddenbrock/Pr St Indira XV/Fontainbleu
Height: 17.1   /  Semen Availability: Fresh or Frozen

Inamorato is a versatile stallion who competed through the Intermediate level in Eventing before switching to Dressage where he is successful through 4th Level.

Current Bid: $500.00 Winner: ILF
Auction Closed February 14

Isselhook's First Sight TSF

Lossow / Fünflinden / E.H. Hibiskus
Height: 17h   /  Semen Availability: Fresh or Frozen

Trakehner Verband - placed 8th at the 6 year old Eventing World Championships at Le Lion D’Angers in 2020!

Current Bid: $900.00 Winner: ILF
Auction Closed February 14

Klassic Motion

High Motion / Karida / Oliver Twist
Height: 16.2h   /  Semen Availability: Fresh Shipped

Exciting young High Motion son out of an E.H. Oliver Twist mare just starting his career!

Current Bid: $500.00 Winner: ILF
Auction Closed February 14


Stiletto *Pg*E* / Lucona / E.H. Marduc
Height: 16.1h   /  Semen Availability: Fresh Shipped

Successful eventing stallion scoring a ‘9’ for jumping at approvals

Current Bid: $550.00 Winner: Pop
Auction Closed February 14

Odin SR *Ps*

Kostolany / Onia / E.H. Consul
Height: 16.3h   /  Semen Availability: Frozen

Gorgeous black stallion competing at FEI PSG!

Current Bid: $600.00 Winner: Aim High
Auction Closed February 14

Stiletto *Pg*E*

Martini *Pg*E* / Suprecocious / Abdullah *Pg*E*
Height: 16.2h   /  Semen Availability: Frozen

Multi-talented stallion with wins at Grand Prix dressage, and many places at Intermediate eventing. Superior work ethics, brave and kind in all ways with many successful offspring

Current Bid: $500.00 Winner: Rk
Auction Closed February 14

Tanzeln *Ps*

Enrico Caruso *Ps*E* / Tannenelfe *E* / Pregelstrand *Ps*E*
Height: 16.3h   /  Semen Availability: Frozen

Competed at I-1, scores into 70%s. 5th, 2017 USDF Nationals I-1 Freestyle AA. Leading Trakehner in USDF top dressage sires, offspring are successful in dressage, eventing & jumping and inherit great gaits & temperament.

Current Bid: $500.00 Winner: Kuro
Auction Closed February 14

Virginian Sky *Pb*

Best Before Midnight / Virginian Girl xx / Limbo xx
Height: 16.1h   /  Semen Availability: Fresh Shipped or Frozen

Competed through PSG in dressage and Preliminary level eventing!

Current Bid: $500.00 Winner: AB
Auction Closed February 14

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