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Members Organize Farm Tours/Parties*

1st Tour - Southern California: We visited Keenridge Farm & Auffinger Farm

This first tour happened so fast - we didn't know what we had going - it started out as an idea between a few friends - and caught on like wildfire. Next time we plan to open it up to anyone who'd like to join us.

This trip: We had a great time in SoCal! Hilda Gurney was so generous with her time: showing Leonidas in hand, Luminesce (winner of the 2004 Futurity) and many other TK's under saddle. Keenridge farm is wonderful - tucked back in the citrus groves, private and spacious!!!


and of course High Knight ridden by Lehua!


Christine Williams turned an ordinary rest stop into a "party in the parking lot" with antics supplied by John Cassel! Hint: beware the "yellow oranges" (a.k.a. lemons, he tried to get Maren to 'bite like an apple'- ewwwwwwww!)

Saturday night, what can I say? The Churon Winery rooms were exquisite, and everything was beautifully coordinated by Mary, Steve & the entire group from Auffinger farms.

The next day at Auffinger Farms was wonderful - and the rain mostly held off until after Maren rode the lovely Helca, truly "the trotting queen". We wish Mary & Steve all the best of luck as they join our Trakehner breeding family!



Everyone really enjoyed putting names and faces together and getting to know each other. This trip was such a success that everyone unaminously agreed to plan two of these trips each year (combined with the ATA convention and Neumunster, it will give an excellent idea of trends in breeding in NA & Europe). Our goal is to build a strong community of TK breeders, riders and enthusiasts who support each other and the Trakehner horse. By learning from each other's successes - and yes, failures too - we improve our ability to combine bloodlines and produce an ever-better sporthorse.

Mark your calendars now as we want an even bigger group to join us in mid August as we trek to Alberta, Canada. Washington and British Columbia is tentatively planned for the July 2006. Anyone with ideas for future visit sites please let Kim know. Guidelines for future sites:

  • To maximize everyone's experience, submissions should include 2 - 3 farms within 2 hrs. driving distance of each other.  Exceptions are made for farms hosting an ATA inspection, as we'll be able to see many breeders' horses in one spot.
  • Our initial goal is to do two annual tours: one in late January/early February and again in late July/early August.  We'd like the tours to be as "climate friendly" as possible: Northern areas s/b suggested for the summer tours; South, SE and SW for the winter tours.

Finally, thanks again to my extended TK family: Karim, Lara & Barbara (her younger sister!), Robin, John & Kari, Amanya, Pam, Steve & Mary, Teri, Christine, Lehua, Hilda and of course my "little German sister", Maren. My best & love to you all. Until August!

--- Kim Hunter

pictures by Kari Cassel and Lara Meyer

* Note: this was a group of members socializing and was not sponsored by the ATA