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Inspection - Thoroughbred & Arab Mares For Preliminary Stud Book

Q: How does my Thoroughbred or Arabian Mare qualify for the ATA Preliminary Stud Book?

A: Mares must be registered with the Jockey Club, the Arabian Horse Registry of America (or Canada), a recognized Shagya registry or the IAHA in the case of Anglo-Arabs. The inspection fee is $250 and a certified copy of the mare's registration certificate must accompany the inspection application and fee when it is submitted by the regional inspection deadline.  There are financial incentives for files being complete by the deadline.  Mares with any Arabian parents in the first three generations must show proof of being clear of the 3 Arabian genetic disorders through a test that also verifies identity of the horse before being moved the the studbook.  In 2017 the test fee ($216) must be submitted by the deadline.  For horses not approved, if the owner chooses to not test the mare,the fee will be refunded.

Q: Does she have to do a performance test?

A: No, but past performance records are helpful. It is preferred that mares have a performance record in racing, or sporthorse disciplines.  The ATA does offer a Mare and Riding Horse Performance Test; see details elsewhere on this website.

Q: Does she have to free jump? Can she free jump if she is good at it?

A: No, mares do not free jump. Since some mares will be pregnant or nursing at inspection the Board of Trustees decided that no mares will be permitted to free jump, as it is not fair to those that are unable to due to pregnancy.  There is an option for evaluating a mare's free jumping skills through the Mare and Riding Horse Performance Test.

Q: Can she be branded with either of the ATA brands if she passes?

A: No, her resulting foals by approved Trakehner stallions are eligible to receive the purebred brand and are then considered to be full Trakehners, but the mare is not eligible to be branded.

Q: What if I breed her to a stallion other than a Trakehner?

A: Only foals by Trakehner stallions are eligible for registration because our rules require that the horse be at least 50% Trakehner blood to be included in any of our books.

Q: What is the committee looking for?

A: See the section on this website titled The Approval Process. We also recommend that you purchase Dr. Robert Baird's booklet, Conformation and the Sport Horse Breeder.  Dr. Baird was a former Chairman of the ATA Inspection Committee and Chef d'Equipe for the Canadian Equestrian Team. His booklet explains in detail what the Inspection Committee is looking for in breeding stock. The booklet is available through the central office for $7.50 plus $1.00 shipping and handling.

Q: What if she is really small?

A: There is no minimum height requirement for mares; however, if a mare is “pony size” her scores for type and general impression will be significantly lower than if she were the recommended 15.1 hands.

Q: Why is the approval score required for Preliminary Stud Book 50% Trakehner mares out of Thoroughbred, Arabian, Anglo-Arabian and Shagya Arabian dams higher than the score required for full Trakehner mares for Official Stud Book approval?

A: The minimum score for approval for this category of mares in the Preliminary Stud Book is 44 points from a possible 70 points. The Preliminary Stud Book is a means of adding outside blood to the existing Trakehner gene pool. We believe it is important that the outside blood be of a higher quality in order to further improve the high quality standards set for the breed.

Q: What is the minimum score for Thoroughbred and Arabian mares for the Preliminary Stud Book?

A. The minimum score for Thoroughbred and Arabian mares is 49 points from a possible 70 points. These mares add a significant amount of outside genetics and their quality contribution must be significantly higher to help improve the Trakehner breed.

Q: If my mare fails inspection may I present her again later?

A: Yes. Mares may be presented a second time at least one-year after the first presentation. The fee to re-present a mare is $250 (no discounts apply). The second score she receives is her final score.

Q: Does the ATA conduct drug tests? What substances are forbidden?

A: Yes, the ATA conducts random drug tests at inspections. For a list of forbidden substances consult the USEF and/or CEF regulations at www.usef.org .

Q: Does the ATA require Genetic Testing?

A. Yes, depending on bloodlines of your mare. Please read the ATA Genetic Testing Requirements

Q: Do I need to be an ATA member to present my mare?

A: Yes, you must be an ATA member to present any horse for inspection. It is hoped more people will join the ATA since there are many benefits to membership and we need as many people as possible to support and preserve the Trakehner breed.

Q: Can I just send a video instead of presenting the mare in person? Why not?

A: No. The ATA Board of Trustees and Inspection Committee concur that videotape does not accurately depict the horse's conformation, movement, or temperament.

Q: Is the program open to Shagya mares? Anglo-Arab mares?

A: Yes, as long as they have registration papers from a recognized breed association that is a member of the Internationale Shagya-Araber Gesellschaft e.V. (ISG = International Purebred Shagya-Arab Society) or its successor in interest such as the North American Shagya Arabian Society or International Arabian Association.