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Stallion Guidelines

Required Examinations for Stallion Prospects       

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Stallion Radiographs (X-rays) Options

Stallion owners have the option of supplying radiographs in advance of a stallion inspection OR supplying satisfactory radiographs within 30 days of a stallion being conditionally approved. At the discretion of the Inspection Committee, all radiographs are subject to third party review by a certified radiologist as to the degree of abnormalities.

For owners wishing to provide Radiographs and the Radiograph Report Form in advance of the inspection:
Radiographs that are taken no more than 6 months prior to an inspection will be accepted by the ATA.

Radiographs and the Radiograph Report Form are to be submitted to the ATA office along with the Inspection Application at the same time owners apply for inspection. 

This option allows time for owners to access X-rays for abnormalities and decide whether or not to prepare the colt and apply for inspection before sending in application and inspection fees. 

If using the advance option, the deadline for receiving the inspection application, appropriate fees, X-rays and radiograph report is 4 weeks prior to a stallion inspection. 

For owners wishing to present stallions at inspections without Radiographs:  If a stallion is not approved, no radiographs are required.

The owner of any stallion that is conditionally approved without prior radiographs at an inspection must supply the Radiographs and Radiograph Report Form to the ATA office within 30 days of the stallion’s conditional approval. 

Failure to provide satisfactory radiographs within 30 days to the ATA office will result in the stallion losing approval. Owners submitting radiographs later than 30 days after the conditional approval will incur a late fee of $500 before approval of the stallion is reinstated.

If using the second option it does not change the requirements for application and fees. The deadline for receiving the inspection application and appropriate fees is 4 weeks prior to a stallion inspection. 

This option was approved by the Board of Trustees on March 6, 2010.

Letter to Veterinarian (click here to download the word document)

August 6, 2018
To: Attending Veterinarian 

Re: Trakehner Stallion Prospect candidates applying for inspection for approval in the American Trakehner Association Studbook

To: Attending Veterinarian

Re: Trakehner Stallion Prospect candidates applying for inspection for approval in the American Trakehner Association Studbook

  1. Attached please find an examination checklist required by the American Trakehner Association for inspection of stallion prospects. Your examination is a general health and soundness examination for use as a potential breeding stallion as well as his overall soundness for intended use as a riding horse in the disciplines of dressage, jumping and eventing. At this time semen evaluation is not required.
  2. Please verify identification of stallion’s color and markings by comparing to the copy of the owner’s registration certificate of color and markings.
  3. Please complete the examination checklist form and record any abnormalities that you observe. Please provide your opinion of overall health and soundness as you would in a general health examination. If you observe any abnormality that would preclude use as a breeding stallion or a riding horse, please note it on the form.
  4. Also attached is a list of required radiographs and a radiograph report form. Please review the radiographs and provide observations of any abnormalities including fractures, chips or lesions and provide your opinion as to whether any abnormality observed is a significant abnormality that would compromise the riding performance or soundness of the stallion.
  5. Please review and discuss your findings with the owner of the stallion. If the owner of the stallion wishes to proceed with inspection, please forward the original reports and radiograph films or disc to:


Dr. Christian Schacht
Breed Director
American Trakehner Association

Please download both the letter to the veterinarian and the Radiograph requirements.
Both are microsoft word documents.