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Tatendrang *Ps*
Registration #: OSB-A-S408


Birthdate: 3/8/2006

Onassis *E* / Tanzania *E* / Avignon II
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Photo Credit(s): 1)Alicia Frese   /   (2): Liz Crawley   /   3) Shannon Brinkman   /   4) Shannon Brinkman

Tatendrang, or Tate as he is known to his fans and friends, has earned his Performance Silver in Eventing (having competed through the new CCI 3*/Advanced levels). He was typically in the top 10 after all of his UL events after dressage with his scores typically being in the high 20’s/low 30’s. Due to his performance record in Eventing, he has been fully approved with not only the ATA, but also the Trakehner Verband, GOV, sBs, ISR/OLD, Westphalian as well as he is considered Erkend with KWPN. His foals have frequently been awarded Premium Status with the various registries and all of the mares that have been inspected by him have been either High Point or Reserve High Point of their inspections and one has been awarded Model Status. He also had a son approved as a stallion with the ATA in 2019. Tate has been in the top 20 of US Eventing Sires since 2017, mostly based off of two or three offspring listed under him. He is the sire of Prophet, who was 7th in 2019 for 7 year old Event Horses in the USEA (this is at Intermediate) with only three shows under his belt. In 2019 Tate was the sire of the number 2 premium foal for ISR/OLD in the US as well as the number one and number 3 colts (both premium and named stallion prospects) for the ATA. “Tater Tots” are known for their excellent work ethic and desire to learn. They all love to run and jump and there are multiple offspring competing successfully at all levels of eventing, dressage, and even a hunter/jumper both with amateur riders as well as professionals. Tate produces very good gaits (particularly the walk and canter) on his foals and typically improves the head/neck/shoulder on the mares he is bred to. Tate is homozygous bay and will not produce a chestnut.

Owner: Emerald Acres
5475 NW 75th Ave Ocala, FL 34482
Phone: / Cell:850-814-0027 / Fax:

Testing Status:

WFFS: No Test Results Available
 Genetic Tests: No Test Results Available


Breeding Information: Semen Availability: Fresh Shipped or Frozen
Collection/Handling: $125 (fresh)
Shipping Fees: Actual fedex charges
Notes: Includes two doses of fresh cooled semen (mare owner responsible for returning equitainer). We collect daily (Mon-Fri) at 11:30 A.M. CST


Tatendrang *Ps* Onassis *E* E.H. Consul Swazi xx Herero xx
Sayonara xx
Pr.St.&E.St. Cornau Lothar
E.St. Corry
E.St. Ovation Magnet *E* Pregel
Orante Gunnar
Okarina II

Tanzania *E* Avignon II Flaneur Maharadscha
Flocke IV
E.St. Arcticonius xx Apollonius xx
Arctic Gail xx
The Princess Condé Ricardo Index
Ta Condé Prince Condé
Breeder: Pam Norton Flying Change Farm

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