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Hailo *Pg*E*
Registration #: OSB-E-S282

Stallion Status: Inactive

Color:Bay       Height: 16.1
Birthdate: 6/9/1986 - Deceased : Feb 4 2010

EH Anduc / Heraklia / Thor
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Photo Credit(s): 1)Shannon Brinkman   /   (2): Shannon Brinkman   /   3) Shannon Brinkman   /   4) Shannon Brinkman

Hailo was purchased by Valhalla to compliment our Martini bloodlines, chosen for his individual type and outstanding conformation. He has made his own mark in the dressage field, competing at Grand Prix and adding a score to Erin Brinkman''s gold medal by scoring 63+ at age 21. He is consistently placing in the top 10 in the USEF top stallion reports for dressage horses and often replicates his beautiful type and ability, producing offspring that love to show in all fields, with winners at Grand Prix jumping as well as Grand Prix dressage. His shorter back and beautifully placed neck add uphill carriage, with excellent push and strength from his quarters. His kind personality insures good work ethics with brave natures. Well proven by years of success in all fields. Hailo was imported as a yearling stallion prospect from Germany by Valhalla Farm and approved by the ATA in 1989. He stood at Valhalla Farm until his untimely death due to colic. Hailo has frozen semen available and continues to sire outstanding offspring. Official Inspection comments by Dr. Senckenberg: "Well put together stallion with much type and presence; neck is attached properly, withers are distinct; straight in the kidney area; sligh misalignment in the fore leg; big, elastic movement with much action and covering a lot of ground while becoming a bit wide behind."

Last Known Owner: Jean Brinkman, Valhalla Farm
14872 47th Rd Wellborn, FL 32094
Phone:386-963-4619 / Cell:386-364-9066 / Fax: 386-963-4620


No Test Results On File


    Mare Family: Harfa 1176
Hailo *Pg*E* E.H. Anduc E.H. Marduc Halali Gabriel
Madeira II Ferlin
Angelique Ibikus Hertilas
E.St. Isolda
Angerapp III Impuls

Heraklia Thor Humboldt Hutten
Toga Totilas
Hera IV Intermezzo Oxyd
Harfenspiel Centurio
Breeder: Peter Langmann (FRG)

VIDEOs: 1):  

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