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Registration #: OSB-A-S455

Stallion Status: Inactive

Color:Brown/Black       Height: 16.0-1.2h
Birthdate: 4/4/2015

Ehrentanz KD *Pg* / Chianti / Tycoon
Full Pedigree

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Citori is a modern, athletic sport horse stallion that shows good Trakehner type. He is well balanced and well-proportioned but could be a bit more masculine and expressive about the face and eye. Inspected as a 2˝ year old, he appeared a bit immature both physically and mentally. He has a nearly ideal frame with a strong and smooth topline with an excellent coupling. His foundation has very good hind legs while his forelegs could be a bit more correct. His hooves are well shaped and proportional to his size. He has catlike reflexes with a quick hind leg that comes off the ground nearly instantaneously in what the Verband judge termed “electric”. He is rebellious at times and could be more relaxed. His walk had good rhythm but he would benefit if it was more supple. His trot had good cadence and he adequately covered enough ground. His canter was his best gait being pure, uphill and quite active from the hindquarters, again with a hind leg that is quick off the ground. Citori is named after a sporting shotgun manufactured by Browning Arms. It is quite fitting because he is an explosive jumper. He is fearless with no hesitation over obstacles and jumps with a great deal of power and scope. He has very good front and hind leg technique over the jumps. His dam, Chianti, is an Anglo- Trakehner making this stallion 25% Thoroughbred close-up in the pedigree. His mother line traces to the Thoroughbred family 12B. The colt was fractious and somewhat unruly during the first day of the inspection process but settled and was more manageable during the second day of free-jumping and at-liberty. This horse has a bright future as a potential show jumper or possibly an event horse and, as a sire, should impart jumping talent that is needed in the Trakehner breed. (Brad J. Kerbs Chair, ATA Inspection Committee)

Last Known Owner: Jean Larson
15373 Village Woods Drive Eden Prairie, MN 55347-1436
Phone:952-250-7287 / Cell: / Fax:


Genetic Tests Clear


Citori Ehrentanz KD *Pg* E.H. Hirtentanz E.H. Axis E.H. Sixtus
St.Pr.,Pr.&E.St. Herzlani Kostolany
St.Pr.,Pr.&E.St. Herzchen
Eiszeit E.H. Buddenbrock E.H. Sixtus
E.St. Ballerina XXV
Elfennymphe E.H. Consul

Chianti Tycoon Onassis *E* E.H. Consul
E.St. Ovation
Tanzania *E* Avignon II
The Princess Condé
Chargemore xx Unbendable Charger xx Never Bend xx
Swooning xx
Lassmore xx Advocator xx
Kimberly Lass xx


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