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Tannenberg *E*
Registration #: OSB-E-S139

Stallion Status: Inactive

Color:Bay       Height: 16.3h
Birthdate: 4/6/1966 - Deceased

Sterndeuter / Tanjana / Abendstern
Full Pedigree

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Tannenberg *E* was the Reserve Champion at the 1968 Neumünster approvals, after which he stood at various locations in FRG. In 1975, he was imported by Gerhard Schickedanz and stood at Galten Farms in Ontario through 1979. In 1980 he moved to Williamsburg Farm in NY, he also stood at various other locations in the US until his retirement from breeding in 1992. Comments from German Trakehner Stallion Book: Excellent in the type of the Trakehner horse with beautiful, masculine head; best position, length and carriage of the neck; good shoulder and good withers; harmonious body overall that is carried on four good, correct, sufficiently strong but a bit long legs; the midsection of the body is well-coupled to the forehand and hindquarters; particularly emphasized should be the broadly set hocks; his way of going is elevated and impulsive, very slightly paddling in front; in spite of his size he is very uniform overall and significant in his overall impression. His magnificent type is usually passed to his get, and so is the harmonious overall figure, with a rather good way of moving; good medium size is predominant. European Approved Sons: Coral (FRG), Germane (FRG), Herbsttanz (FRG), Herbsttraum (FRG), Herztrumpf (FRG), Korberg (FRG), Milan (FRG), Schiwago (FRG) ATA approved son: Meistersinger

Last Known Owner: David King & Sue/Terry Williams
8947 Chestnut Ridge Rd Middleport, NY 14105
Phone:716-772-2957 / Cell: / Fax: 716-772-5710


No Test Results On File


    Mare Family: O 224 A - Dankeschön III/44
Tannenberg *E* Sterndeuter Stern xx Berggeist xx Aventin xx
Blaue Donau xx
Signoretta xx Ebro xx
Serenade xx
Falleri Ekkehard Erhabener
Falkin Eklatant

Tanjana Abendstern Poseidon Pirat
Abfahrt Pirol
Tausendschön Absinth Poseidon
Dankeschön III Löwenritt
Breeder: Veronica Wagner von Schöning, Neversfelde/Malente, FRG


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