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Taez ox *Ps*
Registration #: OSB-A-S388R

Stallion Status: Inactive

Birthdate: 8/26/1989 - Deceased

Ralvon Elijah ox / Seranado ox / Sx Coronado ox
Full Pedigree

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Taez *Ps* is the 2008 Arabian National Champion-Grand Prix Dressage, in addition he has National Championship titles at PSG and I-1. In 1997 he tied for first in USDF Freestyle championship at First Level. He has numerous national awards both in Arabian and open competition. Sired by the Australian import Ralvon Elijah out of the very talented Seranado, known for her bridleless reining exhibitions. Taez was trained and ridden to GP by Chelsey Sibley of Sonora CA. Taez is now RETIRED from competition and breeding. We have two sons and 5 daughters retained that will carry on for him. He has twice performed a GP Musical Freestyle at Dressage in the Wine Country in Sonoma County CA, an invitational showplace for top dressage horses. APPROVED BY: ISR/OLDENBURG NA, OLDENBURG GOV AMERICAN TRAKEHNER ASSOCIATION AMERICAN WARMBLOOD SOCIETY Taez ox *Ps* was one of 3 Arabian stallions approved into the ATA stud book to breed to purebred Trakehner mares. He was approved in 2005 and was exempt from ATA stallion testing due to his exemplary show record. Sadly, he was under-utilized as a sire to Trakehner mares and has no registered ATA offspring.

Last Known Owner: Carol DiMaggio
2174 Cafeto Dr Walnut Creek, CA 94598
Phone:925-938-9613 / Cell:925-330-0722 / Fax: 925-938-9615


No Test Results On File


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Breeder: Carol Di Maggio

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