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Registration #: OSB-A-S375

Stallion Status: Inactive

Color:Gray       Height: 16.1h
Birthdate: 8/12/1998

Heinzelmann *Pg* / Alouette *E* / Tannenberg *E*
Full Pedigree

Performance Results On Record

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Asher is fully approved with the ATA/CSHA/RPSI (Book I) and CWBHA. He is by the National Hunter Champion, Heinzelmann *Pg* (Storyteller), a member of the very athletic Bukephalos-Insterfeuer line. Asher carries a successful combination of two promient lines, the families of Heimische *E*, and Abiza*E*. Asher is a top producer of winning line and performance horses in Canada. He has sired several champion line/breed horses, such as Ashtasy, Ashby, Haute Couture, Damn the Torpedoes, Fair Ashley etc. Ashby is 2007 OHJA "Baby Green" Hunter Champion. Asher has been successful showing in the hunters as well. He is producing large, very typey, excellent moving and jumping offspring who inherit his very quiet temperament and easy way of going. Inspection comments: Asher is an attractive, noble, gray Trakehner stallion showing a great deal of harmony and balance throughout. Possessing a good neck set, frame and good saddle position, the stallion stands on dry legs and very good hooves. Asher has a relaxed and supple way of going, and his movements in all the gaits are athletic. He is a very good jumper, showing scope, willingness and good technique. His pedigree has a number of peformance proven ancestors which should aid in his ability to produce performance riding horses. Finally, Asher has an excellent temperamen and demonstrated quiet manners and tractability in all phases of his inspection. He should benefit mares needing athleticism and improvement in conformation and movement. (Brad Kerbs)

Last Known Owner: Nancy Fagan
775 High Point Road Port Perry, ON L9L 1B3 Canada
Phone:905-985-6189 / Cell:905-626-1359 / Fax: 905-985-2523


No Test Results On File


    Mare Family: O 16 A 1 - Abiza/53
Asher Heinzelmann *Pg* Bukephalos Insterfeuer Pelion
Ballyvergin Lady xx Seminole II xx
Some Sister xx
Haiti *E* Amiego *Ps*E* Händel
Abiza *E*
Heimische *E* Gazal (ShA)

Alouette *E* Tannenberg *E* Sterndeuter Stern xx
Tanjana Abendstern
Abiza *E* Maharadscha Famulus
Abendrot Absalon
Breeder: Gerhard Schickedanz


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