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Baron Verdi
Registration #: OSB-E-S385

Stallion Status: Gelded

Birthdate: 3/22/2001

E.H. Monteverdi / Baroness XIII / E.H. Anduc
Full Pedigree

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Inspection Comments: We believe Baron Verdi may prove to be an outstanding performance horse in dressage and brings to North America some important new blood for that sport. He is the first and so far the only approved Monteverdi son to come to this hemisphere. Overall, Baron Verdi brings highly accomplished dressage blood for the most part, though on his mother's side there are also proven jumpers. Noted for producing excellent rideability were sires found top and bottom, Donauwind and Ibikus. His sire's dam, the late Miami, was quite a phenomenon and hailed by many as a model Trakehner mare, also having produced one of the most important stallions of our age, E.H. Michelangelo, the Trakehner Verband's 2006 Stallion of the Year. Inspection comments: Baron Verdi is a bay, middle-weight stallion of good proportions, showing much balance and harmony, especially in his frame. He has good Trakehner type but could show a more masculine expression at this age. His legs are fairly well aligned, and he has good hooves. He has fairly good movement in all of his gaits and covers a lot of ground with substantial overreach especially at the walk. In his gaits, he would benefit fromm more flexion in the loin and joints, but he has good rhythm. His jumping is satisfactory but sometimes needs more scope and bascule. His temperament is good and he is well mannered. His pedigree brings some of the latest German genetics to North America from a proven mare family. (Brad Kerbs)

Last Known Owner: Cynthia Acker
PO Box 42 Cresson, PA 16630
Phone:814-886-8518 / Cell:814-931-1544 / Fax:


WFFS Negative
Genetic Tests Clear


    Mare Family: O 18 B 1 - Blitzlicht/52
Baron Verdi E.H. Monteverdi E.H. Partout E.H. Arogno Flaneur
E.St. Arcticonius xx
Pr.u.E.St. Pedola Donauwind *E*
Pr.St.&E.St. Peggi
St.Pr.,Pr.&E.St. Miami Matador Donauwind *E*
Pr.St.&E.St. Maritza
Mirabell III Kosmos

Baroness XIII E.H. Anduc E.H. Marduc Halali
Madeira II
Angelique Ibikus
Angerapp III
Barcarole II Etong Maharadscha
Babette IX Tannenfels
Breeder: Werner Kindt


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