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Registration #: OSB-A-S367

Stallion Status: Gelded

Birthdate: 5/4/2000

Domritter / Tiered Response / Rombus
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Tagaelen is a compact and powerful young stallion with a wonderful, willing attitude, a strong work ethic and a bold expression that always catches the eye of the audience when he enters the ring. He has been very successful since beginning his career as a weanling at the breed shows always in the ribbons and bringing home many top honors including the Governor General's Cup and Grand Champion Canadian Sport Horse at the prestigious Royal Winter Fair in Toronto in 2003. Tagaelen shows great promise in all disciplines, winning his first horse trials out of 30 entrants. ‘Galen’ is very social and has a wonderful kind temperament. His foals are consistently bold, friendly and very correct. Tagaelen is approved for breeding by the ATA and CSHA and licensed with RPSI. Inspection comments: Tagaelen is a young colt already demonstrating good Trakehner type and masculinity. While he could be cleaner in his throatlatch, he possesses good harmony of body parts. Tagaelen has a good frame with depth of body, good saddle position and a nice rear quarter. His frame is well supported on satisfactory legs. All gaits are fairly good, covering ground nicely. Jumping technique is good. Overall, this medium-weight colt leaves one with a good general impression. Tagaelen should cross nicely with a vaariety of mare types, but especially with mares of good quality. (Dr. Sam Eidt)

Last Known Owner: Kelley Willemze
427 062 - 25 Sideroad Mono, ON L9V 1E5 Canada
Phone:519-925-3260 / Cell: / Fax: 519-925-3663


No Test Results On File


Tagaelen Domritter Roland Herbststurm Komet
E.St. Herbstgold
Roxy Halali
Rominte III
Dommeise Melos Slesus
Domkatze vom Schimmelhof Valentin
Domkerze vom Schimmelhof

Tiered Response Rombus Herzkönig Erzsand *E*
E.St. Herbstgold
Roma II Ferlin
O'Sako xx Chieftain xx Bold Ruler xx
Pocahontas II xx
What Charisma xx Raise A Native xx
Yellow Train xx
Breeder: Kelley Willemze


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