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E.H. Buddenbrock
Registration #: OSB-E-S429

Stallion Status: Inactive

Birthdate: 2/16/1994

E.H. Sixtus / E.St. Ballerina XXV / Diamant
Full Pedigree

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E.H. Buddenbrock was one of only seven stallions approved in Neumünster in 1996. The selection for stallions that year was particularly strict. In the fall of 1997 E.H. Buddenbrock completed his stallion performance test at Münster-Handorf with a total index mark of 104.08 (10th of 22). In 1999 under Andreas Dibowski, Buddenbrock placed 6th in the finals of the German Young Horse Championships and in all their other Show Jumping and Dressage competitions in 1999 they never placed lower than 4th. E.H. Buddenbrock is Approved for Trakehner, Hanoverian, Oldenburg, Westphalian and Rhineland mares as well as for all Southern German breed associations. E.H. Buddenbrock has 14 approved sons, 11 are Trakehners and 3 from other Associations. Two of his approved sons are Elite like himself. Of all his approved sons, 3 were champions at their approvals and others were premium. Buddenbrock also has 8 approved grandsons and 4 great-grandsons. Trakehner sons: E.H. King Arthur TSF (Champion of Approval), E.H.Connery, Epernay (Premium), In Petto, In Flagranti (Champion, Approvals), Armano (Premium) , Inamorato (ATA approved), Ippon, Glenn Grant, Cristobal, Eldorado Stallions Approved with Other Associations: Sweet Affair, approved ZfdP, Raventes (approved in Germany and Denmark) and Larcoze (Champion of his Approvals) in Denmark Buddenbrock is also the sire of 28 Premium/Elite daughters and 8 Champion mares: In Zukunft, Gute Nacht, Indora, In Farbe, In vita, Corné, Polarliebe III, Antigone, Armada, and Aquiera to name a few. He has at least 187 offspring with earnings in sport, 159 Trakehners, 26 Hanoverians,1 Oldenburg and 1 Hesse. In the 2011 show season he had 87 offspring that were money earners. E.H. Buddenbrock has multiple Bundeschampionat offspring competing in dressage and eventing as well. Some of his most notable offspring competing Internationally are: E.H.King Arthur TSF, Sir Arthur TSF, In Flagranti TSF, Chianti, Epernay, In Vita, Kastellan, Byblos (OLD), Brooke (HAN), Hamlet, Hinnerk TSK, Gaya, Skambrack, Woltair TSF (a grandson by E.H. King Arthur TSF)

Last Known Owner: Joseph Pimentel, Aqua Farm
6941 John Pitts Road Panama City, FL 32404
Phone: / Cell: / Fax:


No Test Results On File


    Mare Family: T 6 A 1 - Blinklicht
E.H. Buddenbrock E.H. Sixtus Habicht Burnus (AA) Lapis (Ar)
68 Fenčk V (AA)
Hallo Goldregen
Stradelle Ibikus Hertilas
E.St. Isolda
Starlet Masur

E.St. Ballerina XXV Diamant Erzsand *E* Flugsand
Donnerhall Pregel
Donnerwolke vom Schimmelhof
Pr.St.&E.St. Blinklicht Burnus (AA) Lapis (Ar)
68 Fenčk V (AA)
Blitzlicht II Pindar xx
E.St. Blitzrot
Breeder: Horst Ebert (FRG)


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