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Oskar II *Pg*E*
Registration #: OSB-E-S351

Stallion Status: Inactive

Birthdate: 4/28/1990 - Deceased

107 Khokkey 41 / Obitel 18 / 111 Blesk 53
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Oskar II *Pg*E* was born at the famous Kirow Stud in Russia. His pedigree combines the top sport horse bloodlines with a touch of Arabian blood, to add excellent type and an exotic appearance. Oskarís sire, Khokkey, is a well known producer of over forty offspring that have reached Grand Prix level, such as Khockol, Russian champion in dressage 1990; Saporoshez, Russian champion in dressage 1993; Podkhod, ranked as one of the world's best dressage horses who, under his rider Elena Sidneva, has won many ribbons in World Cup competition, Arlekin, Perechlest Grand Prix dressage horses; Eskis, Russian champion in jumping 1990 and 1993, Almox Prints J, he is one of the most successful stallions in international show jumping. Oskarís dam line carries the best and most successful jumping lines available in Russia, including Champion jumping stallion Ossian and his grandson Blesk, also USSR Champion in Jumping! Among others, Blesk sired the well known stallion Biotop, International dressage champion under Reiner Klimke. Oskar has outstanding movement, nearly perfect Piaffe and passage, and has himself successfully competed at Grand Prix level under rider and trainer Hokan Thorn. As a sire Oskar produces very long legged, modern offspring that consistently improve on the gaits of the mare he is bred to. His offspring have tremendous trainability and kind and sweet personalities, in a medium to compact package. Inspection comments: A large, fully mature, noble, blooded type Russian Trakehner stallion. Masculine with much stallion expression and elegance. Excellent neck set with a smooth and harmonious top line, and he has good pelvic length and angles. The horse possesses an excellent saddle position. Dry, very long legs with flat knees, but both forelegs show lateral rotation and hooves could be somewha larger. Very good at all gaits, showing uphill movement with impulsion, suspension, elevation of front and excellent use of hocks and knees. All gaits are active and show athletic brilliance. He is a powerful and scopey jumper. Very well mannered and shows good character.The stallion has 25% Arabian blood in his pedigree and should cross well with Trakehner mares that have a strong and correct foundation but need refinement in movement. (Brad Kerbs)

Last Known Owner: Joseph Pimentel
6941 John Pitts Road Panama City, FL 32404
Phone:850-763-0697 (day) / Cell:850-819-5000 / Fax: 850-785-0717


Genetic Tests Clear


    Mare Family: None
Oskar II *Pg*E* 107 Khokkey 41 76 Pomeranets ox 80 Priboj ox Piolun ox
Rissalma ox
74 Mammona ox Ofir ox
Krucica ox
285 Khasa 30 57 Khrizolit 77 53 Khitrets 4
14 Angara 62
118 Zapadnya 40 18 Zund
184 Pawa 256

Obitel 18 111 Blesk 53 109 Eol 25 27 Ostrjak 9
39 Bespetchnost 37 29 Pamir 15
38 Britva 3
Olga 43 Plafon xx Faktotum xx
Prelest xx
157 Obida 17
Breeder: Kirov Stud (RUS)


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