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TF Perons Brilliance
Registration #: OSB-A-S364

Stallion Status: Inactive

Birthdate: 3/13/1998 - Deceased : 2018

Peron *Pg*E* / TF Antoinette ox / TF Maverick ox
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TF Peron’s Brilliance was the only approved son of the great Olympic stallion Peron *Pg*E*. His show career began as a yearling when he won Reserve Champion Sport Horse in Hand at the Pro- AM Challenge Dressage show. The following year, at the same show he was Champion in the Sport Horse in Hand division. Inspection comments: TF Peron's Billiance is the first colt approved in the ATA that is the offspring of a PSB purebred Arabian mare and an ATA stallion. This handsome colt is a middle-weight stallion with a refined, noble expression. He possesses a good neck set and shows much harmony and balance. Despite the Arabian influence, his size is well developed and he shows strong bone in his foundation. He is very slightly back at the knee. He is athletic, quite agile and is fairly good in all the gaits. He is very handy with his changes of lead as he reverses direction. He uses his knees and hocks well but could be more supple at times. He shows good front legt jumping technique but sometimes could show more confidence over fences. Peron's Brilliance has an excellent temperament and is well mannered. With his strong foundation and athleticism, he appears to be a good stallion candidate for mares that need a touch of refinement while needing improvement in legs and gaits. (Brad Kerbs)

Last Known Owner: Judy Ernst
1620 Bent Tree Rd Seagoville, TX 75159
Phone:972-287-5120 / Cell: / Fax:


No Test Results On File


TF Perons Brilliance Peron *Pg*E* Mahagoni Pasteur xx Bürgermeister xx
Praline xx
Pr.St.&E.St. Maharani II Flaneur
E.St. Marquise
Peru II Coktail Habicht
Perdita IV Schwalbenflug

TF Antoinette ox TF Maverick ox Muscat ox Salon ox
Malpia ox
Vallejo Marquessa ox Tornado ox
AM Silversparrow ox
TF Tonya ox Tornado ox Bask ox
Silwara ox
TCA Jazeera ox SF Ibn Nazeer ox
Jashue ox
Breeder: Judy Ernst


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