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E.H. Abendtanz
Registration #: 409090095107


Birthdate: 1/1/2007

E.H. Hirtentanz / Amazing / Kostolany
Full Pedigree

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This 2007 born black stallion is, as of 2020, the most successful show jumper sire in the Trakehner breed and tops the ranking of the best dual-purpose stallions (meaning both the dressage and jumping indices are above 100, dressage 104, jumping 120). He is also a top sire regarding the breeding index of basic gaits based on mare inspections – his daughters produced indices above 120 in all three gaits. Abendtanz was approved in Neumünster as a premium stallion in 2009. He passed an excellent 70 day test, and in 2013, Abendtanz qualified for the Bundeschampionat for German Show Jumpers, an M-level class. That year, he also won the National Trakehner Show Jumping Championships. Throughout his competition career, Abendtanz successfully show jumped up to 1.40 meter with wins in large youngster classes against the top of the German Hanoverian, Holsteiner and Oldenburg breeds. As a sire, Abendtanz is a force to be reckoned with. Right from the get-go, he produced auction foals and Premium daughters with excellent under-saddle performance tests. To date, he has sired four approved sons: Gorbatchow, Donauabend, Lebenstraum, and last but not least, the incredible Sweetwaters Ziethen TSF, Champion in the 7 year-old yr old class at the FEI World Championships at Lion d’Angers in 2020. Abendtanz is a son of the S level show jumper Hirtentanz, and has a high quality dam as well. Amazing TSF successfully competed at M** level during her active career. The family has produced advanced level performance horses in all disciplines.


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E.H. Abendtanz E.H. Hirtentanz E.H. Axis E.H. Sixtus Habicht
Akansas E.H. Angard
Arabeske V
St.Pr.,Pr.&E.St. Herzlani Kostolany Enrico Caruso *Ps*E*
St.Pr.,Pr.&E.St. Herzchen Ginster
E.St. Herbstblüte

Amazing Kostolany Enrico Caruso *Ps*E* Mahagoni
Kapstadt Falke
Astrid II Kassiber Ibikus
Astoria Totilas


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