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Inactive Stallions

  The following is a list of ATA Stallions who have stood in North America over the years.  Many are deceased but stallions that have been gelded, retired, are inactive, or are no longer approved may also appear on this list.  

Anyone wishing to contribute additional details about these stallions or their offspring are encouraged to contact the webmaster. As always, photos of any of the following individuals would be greatly appreciated.
Stallion Name DNA Status YOB Status Registration # Sire Dam Color
A'Osiris   2001 Inactive OSB-A-S404 Graditz *E* Arianne black/brown
Aberdeen   1990 Gelded OSB-A-S312 Hänsel Aida *E* gray
Abraxes   1984 Deceased OSB-E-S256 Mahagoni Abendruhe dark bay
Adelssohn   1989 Gelded OSB-A-S305 Mendelssohn Auburn gray
Adlatus   1977 Deceased OSB-A-S167 Daaskus Arnika V brown
Adler   1976 Gelded OSB-A-S168 Insterruf Angerapp black
Adler II   1977 Retired GRB-1S-0153 Leszek Adddis Abeba chestnut
Adolar   1973 Deceased OSB-A-S140 Beauté Annemone black
Adrian   1981 Inactive OSB-A-S323 Merkur Abiza *E* gray
Advocate *Ps*   1985 Deceased OSB-A-S266 Graditz *E* Arabeske dark bay
Aktuell   1978 Deceased OSB-E-S303 Kassio Ankonda chestnut
Al-Marah Quebec ox   1988 Deceased OSB-A-S344R AM Canadian Beau ox Al-Marah Ironlady ox gray
Always   1987 Deceased GRB-1S-0923 Royal Ransom Anthea *E* dark bay
Ambassador In Love xx   1988 Deceased OSB-A-S324R Lejoli xx Ambassador of Love xx bay
Amethyst   1982 Deceased OSB-E-S27. Amor II Aschenbröde black
Amiego *Ps*E*   1974 Deceased OSB-A-S121 Händel Abiza *E* gray
Antares   1955 Deceased OSB-E-S132 Kobalt Antilope black
Antonius   1967 Deceased OSB-E-S122 Bachor Antiocha chestnut
Antritt   1964 Deceased OSB-A-S114 Loretto Talent chestnut
Arapaho GS   2001 Inactive OSB-A-386 Adrian Ada GS *E* gray
Arentino   1990 Inactive OSB-E-398 Santiago E. St Artiks II black
Argent Moon   2007 Inactive OSB-A-S424 Hilton GS Ada GS *E* gray
Arlington II   1988 Inactive OSB-E-S354 Ravel Amazone III chestnut
Arnold   1998 Gelded OSB-A-S349 Donaufürst Alana chestnut
Aristokrat   1992 Deceased OSB-A-S315 Tempelritter Arnika X gray
Arthurian   1982 Inactive OSB-E-S224 Tipperary Allegorie liver chestnut
Artic   1970 Deceased OSB-A-S102 Malachit Arabis chestnut
Asher   1998 Inactive OSB-A-S375 Heinzelmann *Pg* Alouette *E* gray
Astor   1979 Deceased OSB-A-S187 Merkur Abiza *E* bay
Aul Magic ox   1985 Deceased OSB-A-S363R Aulrab ox Magic Alarieha ox chestnut
Avignon II   1974 Deceased OSB-E-S180 Flaneur Arcticonius xx bay
Azurit   1973 Deceased OSB-E-S257 My Lunaria xx Arietta chestnut
Bagatell   1973 Deceased OSB-A-S123 Mikado Burma *E* black
Baron Verdi   2001 Gelded OSB-E-S385 Monteverdi Baroness XIII bay
Beaujolais II   1987 Deceased OSB-E-S382 Karon Belinde II bay
Beauté   1965 Deceased OSB-A-S112 Prusso Bremen black
Belor   1969 Deceased OSB-E-S124 Aut Belona bay
Blitzlicht Clear 2006 Gelded OSB-A-S415 Blitz und Donner Belle Madame Go chestnut
Blitz und Donner Clear 2002 Gelded OSB-E-S401 E.H. Lehndorff's E. St. Batida chestnut
Blitzwind   1972 Deceased OSB-E-S170 Donauwind Blizza black
Bond James Bond 2005 Inactive OSB-A-S406 Oskar Ii Barina bay
Boraks   1967 Deceased OSB-E-S138 Nemrod xx Berumia chestnut
Borallis   1971 Deceased OSB-A-S107 Mikado Burma *E* bay
Branibor   1965 Deceased OSB-E-S120 Bachor Branza chestnut
E.H. Buddenbrock   1984 Inactive OSB-E-S429 E.H. Sixtus Pr.E.St. Ballerina XXV black
Bukephalos   1979 Gelded OSB-E-S298 Insterfeuer Ballyvergin Lady xx gray
Bütow *E*   1981 Deceased OSB-E-S226 Mahagoni Barina II bay
Carajan II   1961 Deceased OSB-E-S106 Carajan Blitzrot chestnut
Carlsberg Clear 2010 Revoked OSB-E-S436 Imperio Cornandia brown
Carino *E*   1976 Deceased OSB-E-S259 Liguster Caterina black
Cäsar   1980 Deceased OSB-A-S207 Donauschimmer Celana bay
Casino   1972 Deceased OSB-A-S118 Carajan II Totilane chestnut
Cassio's Picasso KD Clear 2012 Inactive OSB-A-S450 E.H. Hirtentanz Cassia-Pao *E* bay pinto
Cassius Clay   2007 Gelded OSB-A-S428 Prince of Prussia Cassiopia chestnut
Cienin   1972 Deceased GRB-1S-0031 Dyskobol Cizma chestnut
Cloned Steel xx   1983 Inactive OSB-A-S320R Big Jim S xx Shirlee Steel xx chestnut
Coconut Grove xx   1987 Deceased OSB-E-S443R Dare to Pet xx Coral Gables xx bay
Condus *E*   1964 Deceased OSB-E-S184 Ramzes (AA) Constanze gray
Copernicus   2003 Deceased OSB-A-S389 Pyatt Charly Cosmopolitain bay
Cuervo Gold Clear 2014 Inactive OSB-E-S452 Schwarzgold Caro Girl bay
Count von Bijou   1964 Deceased OSB-A-S129 Anteil Bremen dark bay
Czek   1969 Deceased OSB-E-S119 Gracioso Czeka bay
Dacapo   1974 Deceased OSB-A-S126 Melos Domkatze vom Schimmelhof gray
Danzig   1981 Deceased GRB-1S-1021 Ricardo Distan *E* dark bay
Degen   1989 Gelded OSB-A-S294 Bütow *E* Damsel bay
Dichter   1986 Inactive OSB-A-S284 Graditz *E* Donau Girl bay
Dobosz   1964 Deceased OSB-E-S146 Seul Dobra Wrozka gray
Domritter   1989 Inactive OSB-A-S299 Roland Domeise bay
Donaudeen   1997 Inactive OSB-A-S335 Aberdeen Donauperle chestnut
Donaufürst *Ps*E*   1984 Retired OSB-E-S255 Mahagoni Donaufahrt vom Schimmelhof bay
Donaugeist   1973 Deceased OSB-A-S111 Preussengeist Betula (Donau) gray
Donauglanz   1976 Deceased OSB-E-S173 Morgenglanz *E* Donauflut chestnut
Donauschimmer   1969 Deceased OSB-E-S143 Valentin Donauinsel vom Schimmelhof dark bay
Donauwind *E*   1965 Deceased OSB-E-S190 Pregel Donaulied vom Schimmelhof brown
Donetz   1972 Deceased OSB-E-S154 Erzsand *E* Donja gray
Donnerkeil   1988 Inactive OSB-A-S288 Graditz *E* Donauwiese chestnut
Egmont   1982 Deceased OSB-E-S235 Falke Eileen II gray
Eisenherz   2004 Retired OSB-E-S403 Summertime Escana dark brown\black
Elbiskus   1978 Deceased OSB-E-S191 Ibikus Eliza bay
Element Of Surprise   1993 Inactive OSB-A-S331 Abdullah *Pg*E* Enchanted gray
Eligius   1980 Deceased OSB-E-S225 Mackensen El-Amarna gray
Eliop   1961 Deceased GRB-1S-0074 Traum Eliopa bay
Emeer   1985 Deceased OSB-E-S270 Habicht Elfenquelle bay
Enrico Caruso *Ps*E*   1978 Deceased OSB-E-S272 Mahagoni Elchniederung brown/black
Erfurt   1980 Deceased GRB-7S-0494 Kadyks xx Eri bay
Errol   1994 Gelded OSB-A-S327 Sieg Erika gray
Erzsand *E*   1967 Deceased OSB-E-S212 Flugsand Ezsra gray
Espresso *Ps*   1991 Deceased OSB-E-S306 Guter Planet Elster IV dark bay
Ethos   1978 Deceased OSB-E-S194 Patron Eterna black
Faber   1986 Deceased OSB-A-S321 Adlatus Faktorei bay
Fabius   1983 Inactive OSB-E-S247 Memelruf Feine II bay
Falke   1976 Deceased OSB-E-S213 Grimsel Fawiza gray
Fandango   2000 Deceased OSB-E-S371 E.H. Sixtus Flotte II dark brown/black
Fantast   1985 Deceased GRB-1S-0663 Koree Florett gray
Fasolt   1972 Deceased OSB-A-S131 Kyrill Forelle bay
Favian *Ps*   1989 Retired OSB-A-S340 Justiz *Ps* Famosa chestnut
Feiner Prinz Clear 2010 Revoked OSB-E-S440 Perechlest St.Pr.&Pr.St.Flamenca III bay
Inactive OSB-E-S395
E.H. Van Deyk
Fire Lady
Feuertänzer   1996 Revoked/Deceased OSB-A-S340 Martini *Pg*E* Fancy Free chestnut
Fidelio   1974 Deceased OSB-A-S133 Sedan Macka chestnut
Filou   1973 Deceased OSB-A-S134 Antares Macka dark brown
Fleetwater Opposition   1977 Retired OSB-E-S152 Muschamp Danube Opushka black
Flugwind   1970 Deceased OSB-E-S152 Tannenberg Flugtaube III dark bay
Fourtrax   1992 Gelded OSB-A-S313 Fabius Flugprinzessin chestnut
Gaillard   1975 Deceased GRB-1S-0032 Sleipnir Gemma black
Garibaldi   1983 Deceased OSB-E-S254 Consul Goldene Schwalbe dark brown
Gideon   1983 Retired OSB-E-S241 Mahon *E* Guranda Bay
Glenn Livit F   1996 Deceased OSB-A-S377 Polarpunkt Goldstern liver chestnut
Graditz *E*   1975 Deceased OSB-E-S172 Rondo Giesela II bay
Grafioso   1995 Gelded OSB-E-S325 Graziello Grenada bay
Gummi Bear   1984 Deceased OSB-A-S249 Schwalbenzug Giselle bay
Guy Laroche   1988 Retired OSB-E-S372 E.H. Michelangelo
St.Pr.,Pr.&E.St. Galante V
Dark Bay
Hadrian   1983 Retired OSB-A-S245 Beauté Helena *E* Chestnut
Halbgott   1996 Gelded OSB-E-S412 Partout Hatari bay
Halifax   1969 Deceased OSB-E-S105 Flaneur Handkundige bay
Hancock *Pb* Clear 2009 Inactive OSB-E-S445 Imperio St.Pr. u. Pr.St. Herzlicht II black
Händel   1963 Deceased OSB-E-S115 Carajan Hapag chestnut


OSB-E-S421 Roland PS + SPS Godington Havel V bay
Hänsel   1980 Deceased OSB-E-S199 Merkur *E* Heimlische gray
Happy Hour   1995 Retired OSB-E-S336 Induc Heimkehr II black/dark brown
Harper   1987 Gelded OSB-A-S334 Mahon Helena *E* chestnut
Heinzelmann *Pg*   1994 Gelded OSB-A-S366 Bukephalos Haiti *E* dark bay
Heling   1989 Inactive OSB-E-S345 Bukephalos Halima chestnut
Hennessey *E*   1987 Deceased OSB-E-S293 Seigneur Harfe VI bay
Heroic Measures Clear 2009 Revoked OSB-A-S438 Platinum vom Rappenhof *Pb* Helena RH black
E.H. Herzzauber   1998 Deceased OSB-E-S311 Marduc Herzminze gray
Hexenmeister   1970 Deceased OSB-A-S109 Prusso Beatrix (Dohna) black
High Knight   1999 Gelded OSB-E-S387 Heraldik XX High Day black
Hilton GS   1995 Inactive OSB-A-S346 Bukephalos Haiti *E* bay
Hirtenstern Clear 2013 Inactive OSB-E-S454 E.H. Hirtentanz Helga GS bay
E.H. Hirtentanz   2003 Inactive OSB-E-S413 E.H. Axis TSF St.Pr.u.E.St. Herzlani black
Hitchcock   1983 Retired OSB-E-S264 Flaneur Ho Chi bay
Hofherr   2006 Gelded OSB-E-S418 Heops Hofdame v.d. Hei bay


  2002 Inactive OSB-A-S409 Graditz *E* Halle chestnut
Horatio   1982 Deceased OSB-E-S246 Matador Honda IV bay
Horizon   1984 Deceased OSB-E-S260 Mahon Harma chestnut
Huno *Ps*   2001 Inactive OSB-A-S400 Magritte High Class dark bay
Hy Tec   1990 Inactive OSB-A-S308 Dobosz Helsinki gray
Ibsen   1982 Deceased OSB-A-S223 Graditz Isadora bay
Ichi-ban   1995 Inactive OSB-E-S328 Polarpunkt Indiana III brown
Idol   1968 Deceased OSB-E-S186 Herbststurm Iris IV chestnut
Illux   1991 Inactive OSB-E-392 Latimer Ilinka black
Imager *Ps*   1997 Deceased OSB-A-416 Hailo *Pg*E* Inquisative bay
Imago   2006 Gelded OSB-A-410G Long Deal St.Pr. u. Pr.St. Idemara black/dark brown
Imminence   2004 Gelded OSB-A-S407 Beaujolais II Insouciant bay
Imperio   2003 Inactive OSB-E-S411 E.H. Connery Isar bay
Impressionist   1993 Deceased OSB-A-S317 Hailo *Pg*E* Issel black/dark brown
Indelible   2005 Inactive OSB-A-S Hailo *Pg*E* Megan black/dark brown
Induc   1990 Deceased OSB-E-S316 E.H.Marduc Iris III gray
Indus   1973 Deceased OSB-E-S149 Valentin Isolda chestnut
Inselkönig   1966 Deceased OSB-E-S227 Kapitän Insterlied black
Inspekteur   1980 Deceased OSB-E-S229 Mahagoni Inderin bay
Insterfürst   1983 Deceased OSB-E-S238 Enrico Caruso *Ps*E* Insterschwalbe II dark bay/brown
Insterruf   1972 Deceased OSB-E-S204 Schwalbenflug Insterlied black
Isidor   1976 Deceased OSB-E-S201 Tümmler Isola bay
Ith   1974 Deceased OSB-E-S185 Ibikus Ismene V bay
Jagdgeist   1974 Deceased OSB-A-S136 Preussengeist Jagd gray
Justiz *Ps*   1982 Deceased OSB-A-S218 Lolos Janella chestnut
Kajus   1981 Deceased GRB-1S-0483 Pikant Kaja II chestnut
Kalluster   1981 Deceased OSB-E-S215 Illuster Kassiola chestnut
Kantor II   1978 Deceased OSB-E-S232 Erzsand *E* Karawane II gray
Karat   1975 Deceased OSB-A-S158 Antares Allah black
Karneval II   1971 Deceased OSB-E-S183 Ibikus Kaprice II chestnut
Kartacz   1976 Deceased GRB-5S-0128 Charbin xx Aretina bay
Kaspareit   1977 Deceased OSB-E-S174 Mozart Kapriziöse chestnut
Kastilio   1973 Deceased OSB-E-S262 Ibikus Kassiopeia bay
Kasztelan   1976 Deceased GRB-5S-0129 Parysow xx Kambodza chestnut
Kenner   1973 Deceased OSB-E-S147 Cornelius Kornweihe chestnut
Khalif *Pb*   1986 Deceased OSB-A-S277 E.H. Consul Kathinka V
dark bay
Kirow   1996 Revoked OSB-E-S383 107 Khokkey La Coco Chanel
Kitfox   1991 Deceased OSB-E-S307 Amiego *PS*E* Konsula bay
Koblenz   1985 Gelded/Deceased OSB-A-S268 Solist Kordona black
Kobolt   1993 Inactive OSB-A-S318 San Remo Keahi bay
Kobra von C   1998 Inactive OSB-A-S370 Gribaldi *E* Komtesse $ black
Kohinoor   1980 Deceased GRB-1S-0154 Cienin Konifere gray
Kolberg   1971 Deceased OSB-E-S211 Lothar Korca brown/black
König   1984 Deceased OSB-E-S253 Bartholdy Kandida II bay
Koree   1975 Deceased OSB-E-S205 Cornelius Kopeke bay
Kougar von C   1998 Inactive OSB-E-S355 Gribaldi *E* Kornelia von C black
Kourageous   1987 Deceased GRB-1S-0584 Adler Koralka bay
Kovington *Ps*   1998 Inactive OSB-A-S386 Enrico Caruso *Ps*E* Karline black
Kronjuwel II   1980 Deceased OSB-E-S286 Matador Kordia black
Kreshendo *Ps*   1990 Deceased GRB-1S-0847 Meistersinger *Ps* Karisma black
Krusader   1994 Revoked ORB-B-S959 Saxon Pfeffer gray
Kyrill   1964 Deceased OSB-A-S130 Traumgeist xx Kokette gray
Lafleur   1982 Deceased OSB-A-S221 Merkur Longleaf *E* bay
Laiken *Pb*   1978 Deceased OSB-A-S176 Schiwago Lonka gray
Lak   1977 Deceased GRB-1S-0177 Poprad Laka chestnut
Larazzi   1991 Deceased OSB-A-S309 Enrico Caruso *Ps*E* Lilly bay
Lauritz   1996 Gelded OSB-A-S332 Onassis *E* Leto bay
Lausbub   1986 Gelded OSB-A-S304 Graditz *E* Longleaf *E* chestnut
Leggiero   1982 Deceased GRB-1S-468 Troubadour *Pg* Lenzrose bay
Leibjäger   1972 Deceased OSB-E-S145 Kassio Libussa chestnut
Lenski-Rittmeister   1996 Gelded OSB-A-S337 Tempelritter Lustra chestnut
Lenzsturm   1979 Deceased OSB-A-S197 Donauschimmer Luna XI *E* dark bay
Leonidas *Pg*E* Clear 1988 Deceased OSB-A-S296 Condus *E* Libella V *E* gray
Lolos   1964 Deceased OSB-A-S117 Slesus Lottchen gray
Lord Cosmo  
Inactive OSB-A-S414
Pinto bay/white
Luneur   1976 Deceased OSB-A-S171 Flaneur Luna XI *E* black
Magnet *E*   1964 Deceased OSB-E-S163 Pregel Malvenblüte gray
Mahon *E*   1983 Deceased OSB-E-S214 Mahagoni Marussja bay
Maifeuer   1979 Deceased OSB-E-S261 Vincent Maike chestnut
Malachi   1982 Deceased GRB-1S-1217 SB Advocate *Ps* Mallorka brown/black
Malachit *E*   1962 Deceased OSB-E-S148 Major Marjanka chestnut
Mandinka   1977 Deceased OSB-A-S169 Polarwind Marietta IV bay
Marcato II   2002 Revoked OSB-E-S393 Sapros Marchesa II bay
Marcus   1979 Deceased OSB-E-S198 Polarwind Makrone dark bay
Marquee   1988 Deceased GRB-3S-1018 Schönfeld *E* Make A Wish gray
Marschall   2000 Deceased OSB-A-S369 Abdullah *Pg*E* Manette gray
Marschbereit   1982 Deceased OSB-A-S242 Pregelstrand *Ps*E* Marschlied chestnut
Martin   1967 Deceased OSB-E-S150 Carajan Maräne chestnut
Master   1995 Gelded GRB-1S-1437 Aster Majka chestnut
Meistersinger *Ps*   1981 Deceased OSB-A-S220 Tannenberg Menuett *E* dark bay
Melos   1961 Deceased OSB-A-S128 Slesus Melodie gray
Memphis   1975 Deceased OSB-E-S243 Flaneur Margitka bay
Mendelssohn   1982 Deceased OSB-E-S243 E.H. Marduc Marissa II Chestnut
Merkur *E*   1975 Deceased OSB-E-S162 Schwalbenflug Märchenblüte bay
Mikado   1964 Deceased OSB-E-S142 Impuls Mirabel black
Mikalob   1974 Gelded/Deceased OSB-A-S103 Mikado Lotus gray
Monte   1995 Inactive OSB-A-S338 Hailo *Pg*E*" Megan bay
Morgenglanz *E*   1964 Deceased OSB-E-S151 Abglanz Mirakel chestnut
Morgenstern   1976 Deceased OSB-A-S165 Mikado Mafalda gray
Morgenstrahl   1975 Deceased OSB-E-S155 Tannenberg Maike bay
Mozart *E*   1973 Deceased OSB-E-S231 Gunnar Miranda III dark bay
Musing xx   1987 Retired OSB-A-S319R Dream Cycle xx Diana's Day xx chestnut
Narrator   1975 Deceased GRB-7S-0171 Parysow xx Gwara II chestnut
Nemo   1977 Deceased OSB-E-S274 Ginster Norsie gray
Nenufar   1957 Deceased OSB-E-S104 Flötenspieler Nieboga black
Onassis *E*   1984 Deceased OSB-E-S177 E.H. Consul Ovation bay
Orpheus   1972 Deceased OSB-E-S177 Siegbert Ostia black
Oskar II *Pg*E*   1990 Retired OSB-E-S351 107 Khokkey 41 Obitel 18 chestnut
Paascha MV

  2001 Inactive OSB-A-S402 E.H. Herzzauber Pandora MV chestnut
Pajou   1987 Deceased OSB-A-S281 Avignon II Piazza black
Palmenstrand   1984 Deceased OSB-A-S252 Polarmond Palme gray
Pandur   1982 Deceased OSB-E-S219 Impressionist Parana III chestnut
Paramoure   1998 Revoked/Gelded OSB-A-S361 Kaspareit Phahne bay
Parsival   1982 Deceased OSB-A-S289 Donaufürst *Ps*E* Panama bay
Patras Vom Rappenhof   2001 Inactive OSB-A-S381 Carino *E* Palma Nigra *E* black
Pavarotti   1998 Inactive OSB-A-S394 Enrico Caruso *Ps*E* Pepper dark bay
Pennant   1984 Deceased ORB-A-S281 Graditz *E* Pillau dark bay
Pfeifen   1982 Deceased GRB-1S-0435 Wildfeuer Pantomime bay
Pikör   1974 Deceased OSB-E-S206 Donauwind *E* Peggi bay
Polarmond   1979 Deceased OSB-E-S195 Erlkönig Polarmeer gray
Polifax   1969 Deceased OSB-E-S196 Valentin Pomeranze dark bay
Poprad   1961 Deceased GRB-1S-0187 Traum Poprawka brown/black
Potentate   1983 Deceased OSB-A-S248 Condus *E* Phantasie II gray
Prälat   1970 Deceased OSB-E-S157 Herzbube Piretta bay
Pregelstrand *Ps*E*   1970 Deceased OSB-E-S144 Morgenglanz *E* Pelerissa vom Schimmelhof dark bay
Prelude by Mozart   1993 Inactive GRB-1S-1527 SB Mozart *E* Pandorie dark bay
Preussengeist *E*   1968 Deceased OSB-E-S135 Rosenberg Bartenstein gray
Prince of Prussia   1991 Deceased OSB-A-S378 Carino *E* Palma Nigra *E* black
Prinz Habicht *Ps*   1992 Inactive OSB-A-S382 Carino *E* Palma Nigra *E* black
Prinz Sokrates   1985 Deceased OSB-E-S269 Sokrates Parchim chestnut
Puszta's Diamant   1988 Inactive OSB-A-S290 Tizian Puszta dark bay
Pyatt Charly   1997 Deceased OSB-E-S343 Charly Chaplin Priscilla II dark bay
Radscha   1989 Deceased OSB-E-S380 Traumdeuter Ragnitt III dark bay/black
Raubritter   1975 Deceased OSB-E-S209 Ibikus Ragusa chestnut
Ricardo   1971 Deceased OSB-E-S179 Index Rastenburg bay
Risingsun   1998 Deceased OSB-A-S348 Zauberklang Rapunzel gray
Roland   1972 Deceased OSB-A-S125 Herbststurm Roxy black
Rombus   1978 Deceased OSB-E-S193 Herzkönig Roma II gray
Romelos   1973 Gelded/Deceased OSB-A-S110 Melos Roxy gray
Rondel   1994 Revoked OSB-A-S326 Hennessey Rastenau chestnut
Royal Ransom   1982 Gelded OSB-E-S222 Mahagoni Rauhe bay
Rubin   1969 Deceased OSB-E-S236 Flaneur Reglinde dark brown
Rubinesque *Pb*   1995 Inactive OSB-E-S350 Rubin Viv's Exclusive xx dark brown
Rudiger   1984 Deceased OSB-A-S271 Abdullah *Pg*E* Raphaela dark brown/black
Ryan Patrick G KD Clear 2008 Gelded OSB-A-S425 Blitz und Donner Ricochet Rose bay
Samurai II   1982 Deceased OSB-E-S230 Mackensen Sarika bay
San Remo   1988 Gelded OSB-A-S292 Donaufürst Schakara chestnut
Savant   1992 Revoked OSB-A-S362 Unkenruf Strategie *E* bay
Saxon   1975 Deceased OSB-A-S159 Flugwind Sadana *E* gray
Scharnhorst   1970 Deceased OSB-E-S182 Kassio Sally gray
Schatten Spiel   1977 Deceased GRB-1S-0097 Virgil Sadana *E* dark bay
Scherzo   1967 Deceased OSB-A-S153 Antares Sternloge bay
Schiffon *Ps* clear 1995 Inactive OSB-E-S399 E.H. Marduc Surprise black
Schneekönig   1985 Retired OSB-E-S360 Deadly Nightshade xx Schöne Maid gray
Schönfeld *E*   1981 Deceased OSB-E-S263 Meilenstein Schönau II gray
Schönfelder *Ps*   1974 Deceased OSB-E-S166 Kurfürst Schönau II chestnut
Schubert   1979 Deceased OSB-A-S200 Virgil Sabrina III gray
Schwalbenherbst   1979 Deceased OSB-E-S287 Herzbube Schwalbenzeit black
Schwalbenzug   1971 Deceased OSB-E-S178 Impuls Schwarze Schwalbe bay
Schwarzdorn   1975 Deceased OSB-E-S244 Impuls Schwarzgold black
Sedan   1970 Deceased OSB-E-S113 Komtur Sanssouci chestnut
Seigneur   1984 Deceased OSB-E-S265 Consul Burgschwalbe bay
Semper Fidelis clear 2009 Gelded OSB-A-S431 Tzigane *Pb* St. Pr. Schöne Symphonie bay
Seydlitz   1986 Deceased GRB-1S-0448 Tancred Silesia chestnut
Shahwan GASB ox   1981 Deceased OSB-E-S302R Said ox Sayana ox bay
Sieg   1989 Inactive OSB-A-S297 Unkenruf *Pg*E* Strategie *E* bay
Sigurd   1971 Deceased OSB-E-S156 Pergamos Sissi chestnut
Sinatra *Ps*   1997 Inactive OSB-A-S341 Fabius Sonset Serenade *E* chestnut
Slesus   1954 Deceased OSB-E-S127 Tropenwald Peraea gray
Sobek   1976 Deceased GRB-2S-0083 Fresk Sobietaka chestnut
Solist   1971 Deceased OSB-E-S181 Bergkönig Sommernacht black
Solling   1964 Deceased OSB-E-S160 Pelion Sonny bay
Sonset's Sieger   1990 Inactive OSB-E-S300 Abdullah *Pg*E* Sonset gray
Special Memories *Pg*   1986 Deceased OSB-A-S314 Abdullah *Pg*E* Kluwall xx bay
Staccato   1972 Deceased OSB-A-S108 Kyrill Symphony gray
Steinburg   1993 Deceased OSB-E-S390 Kennedy Scala Milano bay
Stravinsky   1996 Deceased OSB-A-S333 Fabius Sunset Serenade black
Taez *Ps* ox   1989 Inactive OSB-A-S344R Ralvon Elijah ox Seranado ox chestnut
Tamino   1980 Gelded/Deceased OSB-E-S202 Harnisch Tanja VI bay
Tancred   1979 Deceased GRB-1S-0071 Branibor Tarkwa chestnut
Tannenberg *E*   1966 Deceased OSB-E-S139 Sterndeuter Tanjana bay
Target   1983 Deceased OSB-A-S239 Donauwind *E* Targa chestnut
Tarim   1975 Deceased OSB-E-S228 Condus Themse II gray
Tarkenton Q Clear 2012 Revoked OSB-A-S449 Oskar *Pg*E* Tofu Black/Bay
Tauroggen   1979 Gelded OSB-E-S188 Ricardo Tarabia *E* bay
Tausendsassa   1983 Gelded OSB-A-S250 Ricardo Tarabia *E* bay
Telluride   1979 Deceased OSB-A-S208 Malachit Tannenlied *E* chestnut
Tempelritter   1974 Deceased OSB-E-S234 Condus Themse II gray
TF Peron's Brilliance   1998 Deceased OSB-A-S364 Peron *Pg* TF Antoinette ox dark bay
Tigre   1998 Inactive OSB-A-S358 Bütow *E* Taurose *E* bay
Timotheus   1999 Deceased OSB-A-S365 E.H. Caprimond Tapferkeit bay
Titulus *Pb*   2001 Inactive OSB-E-S391 E.H. Kasparow E. St. Tiffany XI black/brown
Tizian   1980 Deceased OSB-E-S203 Harnisch Taika bay
Tonbild   1983 Deceased OSB-A-S237 Leibjäger Tanzbild chestnut
Topas II   1981 Deceased OSB-A-S210 Marlon Tugend III black/brown
Toscanini   1988 Gelded OSB-A-S291 Donaufürst Tosca II *E* bay
Tradition *Pb*   1996 Inactive OSB-A-S330 Butow *E* Taurose *E* bay
Traumdeuter   1988 Deceased GRB-1S-1036 Troubadour *Pg* Traumfee *E* dark bay/brown
Tribute   1986 Inactive OSB-A-S286 Bütow *E* Tosca II *E* dark bay
Tron   1983 Deceased OSB-A-S240 Mozart *E* Topaz dark brown
Tropez   1986 Retired OSB-A-S279 Schwalbenzug Tannenelfe chestnut
Troubadour *Pg*   1973 Deceased OSB-E-S161 Flaneur Treue brown/black
Troy   1985 Deceased OSB-A-S267 Amiego Traumfee *E* bay
Tümmler   1972 Deceased OSB-E-S216 Heros Tuberose bay
Tycoon   2001 Gelded OSB-E-S259 Onassis *E* Tanzania *E* bay
Unabkömmlich   1987 Retired OSB-A-S285 Insterfürst Unabashed dark bay
Unkenruf *Pg*E*   1970 Deceased OSB-E-S233 Donauwind *E* Ultima chestnut
Val H   1993 Revoked OSB-E-S384 112 Vypas 43 Vstretcha 35 dark bay
Velluto Clear 2009 Revoked OSB-A-S434 Schiffon Viva Vanessa dark bay
Veneziano   1990 Deceased OSB-E-S301 Guter Stern Vielliebchen II chestnut
Vincent   1972 Gelded/Deceased OSB-E-S175 Ibikus Viktoria II chestnut
Virgil *E*   1972 Deceased OSB-E-S141 Amagun Vermächtnis black
Volldampf   1983 Deceased GRB-1S-1219 Mahon *E* Vielliebchen II black
Wildfeuer   1971 Deceased OSB-E-S164 Postmeister Wildfee chestnut
Windfall *Pg*E* Clear 1992 Retired OSB-E-S353 Graditz *E* Wundermädel xx dark brown/black
Windwalzer *Pg*   1986 Retired OSB-A-S280 Saxon Wonnedame dark bay
Zauberklang *E*   1973 Deceased OSB-E-S192 Prince Condé Zauberspiel chestnut
Zaubermann Clear 2012 Revoked OSB-A-S447 Tradition *Pb* Pr.St. Zaubermaus chestnut
Zauberruf   2005 Gelded OSB-E-S419 E.H. Hibiskus St.Pr.&Pr.St. Zauberlied II black
Zito Clear 2004 Deceased OSB-A-S444 Hennessey *E* Zierde bay
Zeus MV   1991 Deceased OSB-A-S310 Nemo Zarenkind chestnut
Zoltan Q Clear 2011 Revoked OSB-A-S453 Oskar *Pg*E* Zarinmond bay
Each stallion's Reg # indicates where the stallion was born.  An "A" indicates born in the United States or Canada (OSB-A-S000).  An "E" indicates that the horse has been imported (OSB-E-S001).

Reg #s beginning with the "GRB" prefix indicate that the stallion was approved by the NATA prior to the Reunification.
The Reg #s which are followed by an "R" (OSB-A-S002R) indicate that the stallion had restricted status. Only the foals by these stallions that are out of purebred Trakehner mares without a Thoroughbred, Arabian or Shagya parent are eligible for registration with the ATA.