Mar 12, 1990

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Happy Hour

Pedigree: Mare Family:  O 305 A - Inka/54
E.H. Marduc Halali Gabriel



Historia Herbstwind
Madeira II Ferlin Maharadscha
Malvenblüte Hansakapitän
St.Pr.St. Iris XIII Ibikus Hertilas Loretto
E.St. Herbstgold
E.St. Isolda Impuls
Isola Madre
Illusion II Flugsand Altan
Inka Humboldt

Breeder: Bettina Bieschewski, Selent, FRG


At his stallion inspection in 1992, Induc was graded as Reserve Champion. Induc completed his 100-day stallion testing in Adelheidsdorf with a total Dressage Index of 126.33 points, placing 3 rd out of 53 participants. In 1993, Induc was the Trakehner Champion of 3-year olds in Vornholtz, Germany and the Trakehner Champion in Denmark. In 1994, Induc's greatest triumph was when he was graded as the overall 4-year old German Champion (Bundeschampion) of ALL German breeds and disciplines at Warendorf. He received outstanding scores, with top scores of 9.5 and 10's (for rideability, trainability and movement) from test rider Rudolf Zeilinger and the Olympic rider, Bettina Overesch. Induc was approved by the German Trakehner Verband, the German Hanoverian Verband, the Danish Warmblood Society, as well as the Swedish Warmblood Association. Following these outstanding accomplishments at such a young age, Induc also trained for a period with the world-renowned Kyra Kyrkland and then pursued a very successful breeding career. In 1995, we became Induc's exclusive US/Canadian agents, and due to our efforts, Induc gained ATA approved status and we began importing frozen semen. Induc remained on the ATA active stallion list through 1999 and continued a successful breeding career in Europe.

In 2002, as published in the Trakehner Hefte Magazine, Induc earned the #6 ranking in Germany of all Trakehner and TB stallions with an excellent Dressage Index of 146. This was basically due to the fact that for the first time in Germany, the results of mare performance tests were included in the equation. The index of Induc's daughters alone was 150, which at the time, was the second highest of all Trakehner stallions whose daughters were performance tested.

As many ATA members and people are aware, Induc was leased and imported into the US in spring 2005 and began breeding not long after his arrival from Denmark and subsequent stallion quarantine - he was 15 at the time. Many may also know Induc experienced fertility issues last year and that the majority of mares bred in 2005 did not conceive. Induc has relocated to our residence in Maryland where he will remain for an indefinite period of time - hopefully to live out his years. Obviously, we will not offer Induc for breeding in 2006 as our first priority is for him to settle in, get comfortable and to be healthy and happy. Later in the year, we will have additional analyses performed to ascertain if his condition was of a temporary nature due to the significant stress of travel, climate and life change, which is quite common, especially for stallions over 12, or if is appears to be of a more permanent situation. At this time, it is not known for certain, therefore, no assumptions can be fairly made. If, at some time in the future Induc is again breeding sound, we will take it from there. Most important is that Induc live his life with dignity and happiness as he so deserves. Any questions regarding 2005 breedings should be directed to those who leased him at that time. This was a very difficult transition for all, and our sincere thanks to everyone involved who kept Induc's well-being at the forefront.

Induc has been with us for two weeks now and has settled in extremely well, exceeding our expectations. He is quite relaxed, has a very healthy appetite, is regaining his vigor and has quickly learned to love all the attention and treats that he shares with his son, Happy Hour, his grandson, Perfect Hour, and our other “kids.” Soon, this fine fellow will begin light work so we can keep him in the best condition, health and happiness possible.


No peformance results on record

ATA Approved Sons:

Happy Hour

Performing Offspring On Record:

Breeding Combined Training Dressage
Happy Hour
Larisa *Ps*
Le Duc
Happy Hour
Larisa *Ps*
Le Duc

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Notable North American Performing Offspring

Larisa *Ps* -

2002 - USDF All-Breeds - Training Level, Adult Amateur - Reserve Champion - 70.323%

Luc -

2001 - USDF HOY - Training Level - 40th - 70.800%
2001 - USDF All-Breeds - Training Level - 5th - 70.800%

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