May 2, 1987

Gelded (1998)
Last Owned By
Fred & Sue Turner
Aubrey, TX


Pedigree: Mare Family:  O 185 A 2 - Helena/75
Mahon *E* Mahagoni Pasteur xx

Bürgermeister xx

Praline xx

E.St. Maharani II Flaneur
E.St. Marquise
Marussja Habicht Burnus (AA)
Martinette Anwalt
Helena *E* Herbststurm Komet Goldregen
E.St. Herbstgold Totilas
Hoheit IV Pregel Tropenwald
E.St. Peraea
Hortensie Boris

Breeder: Judy Yancey, Roanoke, TX


Harper was given ATA approval during the October 1998 board meeting based on the quality of his offspring, his excellent performance record as a First-Year Green Hunter and his 1994 Lexington, KY 100-Day test score of 103.45.  Prior to his ATA approval he enjoyed popularity as an Oldenburg sire while standing at his breeder's Yancey Farms in Texas.  Some time in 1998 he was sold to Fred Turner for an impressive sum.  Shortly thereafter the Turner's young daughter Kayla was forced to retire her show horse due to injury, but it became obvious that Kayla should show Harper because of the very special bond that had formed between them.  Because AHSA rules restrict juniors from showing stallions in the hunter ring, after much consideration, the decision was made to geld Harper.  Kayla's trainer has remarked that "Harper will do anything for Kayla" and everybody anticipates much success for the pair in Children's Hunters and Medals classes.

1988 - ATA Champion - Yearling Colts
1997 - AHSA Zone 7 Hunter HOY - Res. Champ. - First-Year Green Hunter
1997 - ATA Champion - First-Year Green Hunter
1999 - ATA Res. Champ. - Children's Hunter


Results On Record

Performing Offspring On Record:

Breeding Combined Training Dressage

Hunters Jumpers Miscellaneous

Notable North American Performing Offspring

Kämmerelesche -

2001 - USAE National Hunter HOY - 2-Year-Old Hunter Breeding - 26th
2001 - USAE Zone 7 Hunter HOY - 2-Year-Old Hunter Breeding - 5th
2000 - AHSA Zone 6 Hunter HOY - Yearling Hunter Breeding - 6th

Notable North American Performing Offspring:

Hope - 1992 mare out of Chick's Ratter (AQHA) by Red Man Pan (AQHA)

1998 - AHSA Zone 7 Hunter HOY - Champion - Second-Year Green Hunter
1998 - AHSA Zone 7 Hunter HOY - 5th - Amateur-Owner Hunter (18-35)
1999 - AHSA Zone 6 Hunter HOY - 3rd - Children's Hunter Horse
1999 - AHSA Zone 6 Hunter HOY - Champion - Large Junior Hunter (15 & under)
2000 - AHSA Zone 6 Hunter HOY - Res. Champ. - Large Junior Hunter (15 & under)

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