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Vinca NW
E.H. Manrico / Pr.St.Violetta VII *M* / Donaufischer
Full Pedigree

Birthdate: 2011/06/01
Registration #: ORB-A-M3107

Price: Please Inquire

16.2H at maturity

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Vinca NW is a big boned,very correct filly,with excellent movement at all three gaits. Bold personality,laid back and super easy to deal with.Happy in the company of other youngsters but very comfortable by herself. Sire E.H.Manrico:from the Gestuet Majenfelderhof website ( E.H. Manrico is one of the most successful sport horse sires in the Trakehner breed. He was described by the breed director as: "Athletic and energetic stallion with large shoulder that allows for a flamboyant use of the front leg with goods knee action. Always in excellent self-carriage displaying an excellent feel for rhythm and balance. Very good foundation with large joint." In many ways, this is also an accurate description of his offspring. E.H. Manrico was successful at S level (Inter I) as a dressage horse. Reserve Champion 100 day test 1995 in Warendorf. The scores: Charakter: 9.00 … Temperament: 8.50 … Willingness to perform: 8.50 … Overall performance ability: 9.00 Trot: 8.00 … Canter: 8.50 … Walk: 9.00 Rideability: 9.00 Rideability test rider: 9.25 Breed index: FN 2008: ZW dressage 126 (88%) ZW show jumping 105 (75%) - Top 10% of all Trakehner stallions (dressage), 14th place show jumping and 3rd place of the best versatility producers in the breed! Conformation daughters (26): type 122, upper body 125, foundation 93, walk 118, trot 129, canter 128, overall impression 128, TOTAL ZW 127 (33/203) His sire is a full brother to the dam of the very successful Premium Stallion Grafenstolz,who as a six year old made German breeding history by becoming the first horse ever to qualify for the finals of the jumping, dressage, and eventing in the same year. He went on to win the eventing with an average score of 9.7 out of ten. This was followed later in the same year by him winning the World Championship for young event horses in Le Lion d'Angers, France. Dam: Imported Pr.St.Violetta VII*M* by the Premium stallion Donaufischer.Her dam Voila was auction highlight in Medingen in 2001(100,000 DM).She is a maternal half sister to the champion mare Virginia and very closely related to the WEG CCI**** eventer Vilano as well the stallion Valerian(FEI dressage), Vincent (FEI dressage),Velasquez (M show jumper)and E.H. Van Deyk (Grand Prix dressage).Second dam sire Guter Stern was champion in MNS in 1988 and is a maternal half brother to the champion mares Gute Sitte,Gute Welt and Gute Reise as well as the outstanding sport horse sire Gute Planet (Reserve Champion NMS 1989) For more extensive pedigree:

Owner: Silvana Bobba, Sport Horses North West
P.O.Box 356 Silvana, WA 98287
Phone:360-474-0775 / Cell:

Sales Agent:  


Vinca NW E.H. Manrico Gipsy King Camelot Arsenal
St.Pr.St. Grazie II E.H. Arogno
St.Pr.,Pr.&E.St. Galante V
E.St. Marcia II Vincent Ibikus
Viktoria II
Maike Donauwind *E*

Violetta VII *M* Donaufischer Sevillano xx Alpenkönig xx
Serenade xx
Donausage II Kennedy
Donaumärchen vom Klosterhof
St.Pr.&Pr.St. Voila E.H. Hohenstein E.H. Caprimond
E.St. Helena XIV
Pr.St. Venetia III Guter Stern
Valeria II
Breeder: Silvana Bobba

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Added/Updated: 1/1/2018

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