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Hadrian's Hailo  
Hailo *Pg*E* / Hellyn-Jane Peg / Hadrian
Full Pedigree

Birthdate: 2013/04/12
Registration #: ORB-B-M5416

Price: $7,000

Dark Bay

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Hailo was born and raised at our house. We had not intention to sell her, I bred my mare to get a mini me of her and I did. Yet, I lost my mare a year in a half later. She is a 4 1/2 year old that was started last year; who knows her basics and could go any direction or make an EXCELLENT brood mare. She had an accident at the trainers and was cut up badly. I sent her to my vets office to heal and healed without ANY signs of lameness. We were very lucky the cuts didn't touch any muscles or ligaments. I can have my vet discuss any parts of the incident and treatments. We are selling her because we need just a slower gelding that my young girls can start riding on and messing with. She has energy and is very intellegent, always looking for attention, but needs a job! We would be willing to trade for a broke older gelding that just doesnt have the desire to work as much and be spoiled by little girls.

Owner: Kyle Harding
5045 Loadstone St.
Phone:910-988-6792 / Cell:

Sales Agent:  


Hadrian's Hailo Hailo *Pg*E* E.H. Anduc E.H. Marduc Halali
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Angerapp III
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Helena *E* Herbststurm
Hoheit IV
Tiny Satelite xx Tanthem xx Tentam xx
Antigua Anthem xx
Herse xx Harken xx
Galaxia xx
Breeder: Kyle Harding

Added/Updated: 10/1/2018

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