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The American Trakehner Association provides this listing as a service to its members.  Prices are listed at owner's discretion and are subject to change without notice. 
Information about each horse is provided by the seller and the ATA is not responsible for the quality or condition of horses being offered for sale.

Ads remain online for one year unless we receive notice from the seller that the horse has been sold or is no longer for sale.

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2017 - Weanlings & In Utero 2016 - Yearlings

* The New.gif (1369 bytes) symbol indicates horses that have been added to the sales list in the past 90 days.

2017 Foals and In Utero

2017 Fillies

2017 Colts

Uptown Boy-(09/17) by Adeltanz, out of Uma by Prelude By Mozart Photo.gif (1280 bytes)

Navigator's Song SH- (08/17) by Songline II *Ps*, out of Nicolatina Star AF (ShA) by Starwalker (ShA) Photo.gif (1280 bytes)

2016 Yearlings


2016 Fillies

Zornöschen- (06/17) by Incantare, out of Zizia My Secret *P* by Schönfeld *E* Photo.gif (1280 bytes)

Roisen Moon- (03/17) by Silvermoon, out of Rosamond by Graditz *E* Photo.gif (1280 bytes)


2016 Colts

Tennessee Blues- (06/17) by Herbstkönig, out of Tropenlilie by E.H. Latimer Photo.gif (1280 bytes)


2015 Two-Year Olds


2015 Fillies

Fionella- (05/17) by Ehrentanz *Pb*, out of Fionna by Incantare Photo.gif (1280 bytes)

Stars and Stripes- (Updated 2/17) by Hurralas, out of Siscobabe xx by Baquero xx Photo.gif (1280 bytes)

Terra Nova vom Castell- (updated 02/17) by Platinum vom Rappenhof *Pb*, out of Taharani vom Castell by Avignon II Photo.gif (1280 bytes)

Jitterbug- (updated 02/17) by Prelude By Mozart, out of Jaida *M* by Carino *E* Photo.gif (1280 bytes)

2015 Geldings

High Noon-(11/17) New by Bütow *E*, out of Hetty by Induc Photo.gif (1280 bytes)

Heat of the Night- (11/17) New by Tzigane, out of Heiterkeit *M* by Grafenstolz Photo.gif (1280 bytes)


2014 Three-Year Olds


2014 Fillies

Jiovanna LL- (01/17) by Lord Locksley *Ps*, out of Juvencia by E.H. Herzzauber Photo.gif (1280 bytes)

Roxstar FSF- (12/15) by Virginian Sky *Pb*, out of Regaliae by Schönfeld *E* Photo.gif (1280 bytes)

2014 Colts

Hirtenstern- (06/16) by E.H. Hirtentanz, out of Helga GS by Heiling

2014 Geldings

2013 Four-Year Olds


2013 Fillies

Sweetheart FLF-(02/18) New by Buckle Down Ben xx, out of Samantha by Tizian Photo.gif (1280 bytes)

Of Wind N Sky- (12/15) by Virginian Sky *Pb*, out of Ovation by Fandango Photo.gif (1280 bytes)

2013 Colts

2013 Geldings

Adeltanz-(09/17) by E.H. Hirtentanz, out of Ada GS *E* by Troy Photo.gif (1280 bytes)

2012 Five-Year Olds

2012 Mares


2012 Colts

2012 Geldings

2011 Six Year Olds

2011 Mares

Vinca NW- (Updated 02/17) by E.H. Manrico, out of Pr.St. Violetta VII *M* by Donaufischer Photo.gif (1280 bytes)

2011 Colts

2011 Geldings

Anthymn- (Updated 2/17) by Prelude by Mozart, out of Ada GS *E* by Troy Photo.gif (1280 bytes)

2010 Seven Year Olds

2010 Mares

Cabela- (updated 02/16) by Hailo *Pg*E*, out of Center Swing xx by Dance Centre xx Photo.gif (1280 bytes)

2010 Stallions

2010 Geldings

Hail to Palm- (Updated 2/17) by Palm City, out of Sound of Trumpets xx by Blare of Trumpets xx Photo.gif (1280 bytes)

2009 Eight Year Olds

2009 Mares

Arcanna- (12/17) New by Abdullah *Pg*E*, out of Persephone by Pando Photo.gif (1280 bytes)

2009 Stallions


2009 Geldings

2008 Nine Year Olds

2008 Mares

2008 Stallions

2008 Geldings

2007 and earlier 10-year-olds +

2007 & Older Mares

Hoffnung-(11/17) New 2004 by Cornus, out of Hetty by Induc Photo.gif (1280 bytes)

Nightingale-(11/17) New 2003 by Bütow *E*, out of Nadja by Pajou Photo.gif (1280 bytes)

Eileen-(11/17) New 2006 by Eikon, out of Frigid xx by TB Photo.gif (1280 bytes)

Rosamund- (02/17) 1998 by Graditz *E*, out of Rianna by Abdullah *Pg*E* Photo.gif (1280 bytes)

Hide n Seek- (08/17) 2007 by E.H Hibiskus, out of St.Pr.& Pr.St. Hofdame III by E.H. Hohenstein Photo.gif (1280 bytes)

Adelina NW- (Updated 02/17) 2007 by Leonidas *Pg*, out of Annaliese LS *M* by Pyatt Charly Photo.gif (1280 bytes)

2007 & Older Stallions

2007 & Older Geldings

Zeitgeist MV- (07/16) 2005 by Feingeist, out of Zeta MV by Carino *E* Photo.gif (1280 bytes)

Improv- (03/17) 2006 by Incantare, out of Intriguing by Hailo *Pg*E* Photo.gif (1280 bytes)

Sagenhaft-(02/18) New 2005 by Tradition *Pb*, out of Symphonic by Hailo *Pg*E* Photo.gif (1280 bytes)