In order to assist the Inspection Committee and the ATA Central Office in organizing next year's inspections, owners wishing to have mares or stallions inspected in 2004 must nominate them by March 1, 2004, or pay an additional fee. Please note that mares or foals nominated for a 2003 or earlier inspection and not presented must be nominated again for 2004. The enclosed NOMINATION FORM should be completed and sent to the ATA Central Office by March 1, 2004. (No acknowledgments of receipt of these nominations will be sent.)

Members who wish to host an inspection are requested to complete the enclosed INSPECTION HOST APPLICATION also by March 1, 2004, and submit it to the Central Office to allow advance planning. Sites submitted after March 1, 2004, will be considered for 2005.

There is no cost to nominate a horse; however, any horse that is not nominated by March 1, 2004, although still eligible for inspection in 2004, will be assessed a fee of $75 in addition to the published inspection fee. The only exception to this are new members joining the association after January 1, 2004, and members who purchase and transfer a horse after March 1, 2004.

The inspection host site information will be cross-tabulated by ZIP or Postal code to determine the inspection sites that are most accessible to most of the nominated horses. Please note that a lot of checking back and forth regarding dates and inspectors' schedules is necessary and a final schedule of the 2004 inspection sites will not be available until after April 15.

After you see the list of inspection sites and dates in the May/June 2004 Trakehner Times or on the ATA web site at, please carefully observe the closing date for entries for the inspection you wish to attend and request an inspection application. If the Central Office does not receive enough entry fees accompanied by registration certificates by the respective deadline, that site will be canceled. Furthermore, if you have not submitted your inspection application with appropriate fees and your horse's registration certificate by that date, the office staff will not know to notify you of the cancellation. Please respect the deadlines for the individual sites. They are very important in the inspection planning process.



If you think you have a horse eligible for the 2004 ATA Futurity but have not yet received an "Intent to Compete" notice, please call Vanda Werner at 303-841-4323 or fax details to 303-755-0344 or E-mail to If your horse is not on the list, your scores will not be tracked, so call immediately.



Romeo, MI, August 9, 2003, Inspector Terry Williams, Middleport, NY

ANHÄNGLICH, gray, by Egmont, out of Amulett by Prälat, foaled 6/8/94, owner Tribute Associates, Columbus, OH: 7, 8/6, 7/8/8, 7 = 51 -- approved for OSB (Hi-Point Trakehner Mare)

APOSTROPHY, chestnut, by Troy, out of Amerage by Merkur *E*, foaled 6/15/99, owner Deb Reda, Lawrence, MI: 7, 7/7, 6/7/8, 7 = 49 -- approved for OSB (Reserve Hi-Point Trakehner Mare)

BEWITCHING MIST, gray, by Tribute, out of Barbis Bare xx (PSB) by Flying Bare xx, foaled 3/20/00, owner Donna Lanning, Alexandria, OH: 8, 7/6, 7/6/7, 7 = 48 -- approved for OSB

DISTEL, bay, by Egmont, out of Dickens by Laiken *Pb*, foaled 2/8/89, owner Sarah Hogle, Grass Lake, MI: 6, 7/5, 7/7/7, 6 = 45 -- approved for OSB

FANTASHIA, chestnut/white part-Trakehner by Hänsel, out of Bright Horizon by Farnley Radiance, foaled 6/29/94, owner James Colbert, Washington, MI: 6, 7/8, 7/6/7, 7 = 48 -- Voluntary Evaluation


FIRST KAT xx, dark bay/brown, by First Profit xx, out of Mar Kat xx by Nabob II xx, foaled 1/1/92, owner Jean Hagen, New Haven, MI: 7, 6/5, 6/7/7, 7 = 45 -- accepted for PSB (TB/Arabian Pilot Program)

HESPERUS FGS, gray, by Hänsel, out of Handselen by Abdullah *Pg*E*, foaled 5/16/00, owner Joette Kunse, Clarkston, MI: 7, 7/7, 7/7/7, 7 = 49 -- approved for OSB

HIGHLY LIKELY, dark bay, by Hänsel, out of High Flight by Abdullah *Pg*E*, foaled 5/12/00, owner Elizabeth Brown, Ypsilanti, MI: 6, 6/7, 8/7/7, 7 = 48 -- approved for OSB


SATIN, brown, by Amethyst, out of Sound of Pleasure xx (PSB) by Illuminate xx, foaled 4/26/00, owner Mary Collisi, Perry, MI: 8, 8/7, 6/6/7, 7 = 49 -- approved for OSB


SOVEREIGN TINA xx, bay, by Sovereignty xx, out of Cosentina xx by Borzoi xx, foaled 1/1/92, owner Jean Hagen, New Haven, MI: 8, 8/8, 7/8/7, 8 = 54 -- accepted for PSB (TB/Arabian Pilot Program)


TRAUMEE, dark bay, by Traumdeuter, out of Shannon's Gold xx by Cinnteelo xx, foaled 4/21/99, owner Margaret Morici, Clarkston, MI: 7, 7/6, 6/6/6, 7 = 45 --approved for PSB

At this inspection, the full ATA Inspection Team also inspected the following stallions:

BEAUGART, gray, by Arc de Triomphe, out of Burgkrone by Memelruf, foaled 6/1/96, owner Mimi Henreid, Bellevue, ID -- Not Approved

LAVR, bay, by 119 Kholl 59, out of 0249 Poklevka 14 by 10 Welt 3173, foaled 8/1/91, owner Anne Winthrop, Livonia, MI -- excused due to lameness


LAZARUS, bay, by Hailo *Ps*E*, out of Legniappe by Tamino, foaled 6/15/95, owner Kathleen Keeley-Robb, Romeo, MI -- Not Approved


LOGIC, chestnut, by Tamino, out of Lachtaube by Graditz *E*, foaled 5/11/94, owner Kathleen Keeley-Robb, Romeo, MI -- Not Approved


SHATTER PROOF ox, bay, by Shatir AHS ox, out of Manorhill Melody ox by Lancer Legionaire ox, foaled 4/13/91, owner Jean Hagen, New Haven, MI -- Not accepted for PSB (TB/Arabian Pilot Program)

TORCATO VOM CASTELL, black, by Kaspareit, out of The Noir vom Castell by Avignon, foaled 4/4/00, owner Gay Anderson, Marine, IL -- Not Approved

Durham, ME, August 23, 2003, Inspector Brad Kerbs, Eureka, MO

AERIAL STAR, black, by Enrico Caruso *Ps*E*, out of Astar by Laiken *Pb*, foaled 7/13/00, owner Brenda Hobbs, Pelham, NH: 8, 7/8, 7/7/7, 7 = 51 -- approved for OSB (Reserve Hi-Point Trakehner Mare)

CATARA MIST, gray, by Tarim, out of Comfort Zone (PSB) by Falke, foaled 6/8/00, owner Carol Poulin-Taylor, Durham, ME: 7, 7/6, 9/7/7, 7 = 50 -- approved for OSB

DONAUTÄNZERIN, dark bay, by Hadrian, out of Donaumädchen *M* by Bütow *E*, foaled 7/1/99, owner Carol Poulin-Taylor, Durham, ME: 8, 8/6, 7/7/8, 7 = 51 -- approved for OSB (High-Point Trakehner Mare)


EMDEN LAIKE, dark brown, by Laiken *Pb*, out of Empress by Enrico Caruso *Ps*E*, foaled 5/20/00, owner Brenda Hobbs, Pelham, NH: 8, 7/7, 7/7/7, 7 = 50 -- approved for OSB


FEUERWASSER. chestnut, by Martini *Pg*E*, out of Froehliebchen by Donauschimmer, foaled 4/30/00, owner Carol Poulin-Taylor, Durham, ME: 8, 8/5, 7/7/6, 6 = 49 -- approved for OSB

KALMIA, gray, by Potentate, out of Kaluga by Morgenstrahl, foaled 6/19/99, owner George MacGown, West Newbury, MA: 8, 7/5, 7/6/6, 7 = 46 -- approved for OSB


KATSIEG, bay, by Sieg, out of Katydid by Pregelstrand, foaled 5/12/97, owner Mary Condo-Derosa, Bath, ME: 8, 8/5, 8/7/7, 7 = 50 -- approved for OSB


MUNDY'S HONOR xx, chestnut, by Secretary of War xx, out of Mundy's Landing xx by Burning On xx, foaled 1/1/91, owner Paula Bonarrigo, Richmond, ME: 6, 6//6, 6/5/5, 6 = 40 -- Not accepted for PSB (TB/Arabian Pilot Program)

REGALIA, bay, by Musing xx, out of Reggae by Virgil *E*, foaled 5/9/00, owner Ann Todd, Harrington, ME: 7, 7/7, 6/6/6, 7 = 46 -- approved for OSB


At this inspection, the full ATA Inspection Team also inspected the following stallion:

INAMORATO, dark brown, by Buddenbrock, out of Indira XV by Fontainbleau, foaled 3/17/01, owner Christina Potter, Falmouth, MA -- APPROVED

The approved stallion will be introduced with full pedigree, measurements and photo in the upcoming Stallion Issue of THE AMERICAN TRAKEHNER.

Pauma Valley, CA, September 14, 2003, Inspectors Rhea Gibble, Middleburg, VA, and Brad Kerbs, Eureka, MO

BEIJING, bay, by Schubert, out of Berlinetta by Troubadour *Pg*, foaled 6/17/00, owner Dick Lasater, Del Mar, CA: 8, 7/7, 7/7/8, 8 = 52 -- approved for OSB (Reserve Hi-Point Trakehner Mare)

CLÄRCHEN, gray, by Erzsand *E*, out of Christrose by Mahagoni, foaled 3/10/89, owner St. George Stables, Ltd. Las Vegas, NV: 7, 7/6, 8/7/7, 7 = 49 -- approved for OSB


DELTA TIDES xx, bay, by Aras an Uachtarain xx, out of Delta Rumba xx by Rumbo xx, foaled 4/26/91, owner Lindy Bliss, Grand Terrace, CA: 7, 7/7, 7/7/7, 7 = 49 accepted for PSB (TB/Arabian Pilot Program)


IMPRIME, chestnut, by Schubert, out of I De Ho xx by Just Jed xx, foaled 5/27/88, owner Gretchen J. Lasater, Pauma Valley, CA: 7, 7/6, 6/5/6, 7 = 44 -- approved for PSB

JACARANDA VOM RAPPENHOF, black, by Prince of Prussia, out of Jamaica (PSB) by Enrico Caruso *Ps*E*, foaled 7/11/00, owner Deborah Popolizio, Tehachapi, CA: 8, 7/5, 8/8/7, 7 = 50 -- approved for OSB


POLAR'S PEARL. bay, by Horizon, out of Polar Heigh by Schubert, foaled 5/4/00, owner Gretchen J. Lasater, Pauma Valley, CA: 9, 9/8, 8/9/8, 10 = 61 -- approved for OSB, now Polar's Pearl *M* (Hi-Point Trakehner Mare)


TERRA BONITA, gray, by Schubert, out of Teddy's First xx (PSB), foaled 6/12/00, owner Gretchen J. Lasater, Pauma Valley, CA: 7, 7/6, 7/7/8, 7 = 49 -- approved for OSB

TRÄUMEREI, black, by Schubert, out of Tizanna ox by Iwonkatex ox, foaled 4/18/85, owner Inge Schuler, Banning, CA: 7, 7/7, 7/8/7, 7 = 50 -- approved for PSB

At this inspection, the full ATA Inspection Team also inspected the following stallions:

FERON, bay, by Peron, out of Freda by Leibjäger, foaled 5/26/00, owner Janet F. Roser, Davis, CA -- Not Approved

PRINCE OF PRUSSIA, black, by Carino, out of Palma Nigra by Habicht, foaled 8/10/91, owner Jessica Davidenas, Ramona, CA -- APROVED

The approved stallion will be introduced with full pedigree, measurements and photo in the upcoming Stallion Issue of THE AMERICAN TRAKEHNER.

Cave Creek, AZ, September 13, 2003, Inspector Henry Schurink, Shaftsbury, VT

ALGEBRAICA xx, bay, by Hard Cash xx, out of Alabanza xx by Sheet Anchor xx, foaled 8/29/88, owner Laurel Morris, Cave Creek, AZ: 7, 7/7, 7/8/7, 7 = 50 -- accepted for PSB (TB/Arabian Pilot Program)


BALLAD MAKER xx, bay, by Truce Maker xx, out of Irish Ballad xx by Stop The Music xx, foaled 1/23/95, owner Lisa Coletto-Cohen, Queen Creek, AZ: 7, 7/8, 6/8/7, 7 = 50 -- accepted for PSB (TB/Arabian Pilot Program)


FLEET SWINGER xx, dark bay/brown, by Cruise On In xx, out of Jolly Swinger xx by Tumble Turbie xx, foaled 4/9/87, owner Barbara Crabo, Scottsdale, AZ: 8, 7/8, -/-/-, 8 (horse injured but with very good performance record) -- accepted for PSB (TB/Arabian Pilot Program)


FONYX, chestnut, by Vincent, out of Freedle by Graditz *E*, foaled 5/11/91, owner Rennae Shifflet, Gilbert, AZ: 7, 7/7, 7/8/7, 7 = 50 -- approved for OSB

LUCIE, bay, by Enrico Caruso *Ps*E*, out of Limelight by Leibjäger, foaled 4/28/95, owner Rita Haas, Scottsdale, AZ: 8, 8/8, 7/8/7, 8 = 54 -- Voluntary Evaluation

MAID TO ORDER ox, gray, by Tia Czar-Zit ox, out of Gypsy Mystic ox by Ahmon Re ox, foaled 7/15/95, owner Rita Haas, Scottsdale, AZ: 7, 7/7, 7/8/7, 7 = 50 -- accepted for PSB (TB/Arabian Pilot Program)


PAGAN, chestnut, by Kaspareit, out of Phoenix Prelude xx (PSB) by Skiing xx, foaled 3/24/99, owner Heather Buttrum, Cave Creek, AZ: 7, 6/6, 7/7/6, 7 = 46 -- approved for OSB


PENNON'S DREAM, dark brown, by Samurai II, out of Pillau by Pasteur xx, foaled 3/6/87, owner Kara J. Harrison, Winchester, KY: 8, 8/6, 7/8/7, 7 = 51 -- approved for OSB

PHEONA, gray, by Kaspareit, out of Phahne by Mikado, foaled 3/22/00, owner Sherry Zirngibl, Glendale, AZ: 7, 7/6, 6/8/7, 7 = 48 -- approved for OSB


PHOENIX PRELUDE xx, ?, by Skiing xx, out of Proper Prelude xx by Proper Proof xx, foaled 1/1/88, owner Heather Buttrum, Cave Creek, AZ: 7, 6/6, 6/6/6, 7 = 44 -- accepted for PSB (TB/Arabian Pilot Program)


REIKA xx, chestnut, by Golden Act xx, out of Supper xx by Noble Decree xx, foaled 1/1/95, owner Heather Buttrum, Cave Creek, AZ: 7, 7/7, 8/8/7, 7 = 51 -- accepted for PSB (TB/Arabian Pilot Program)


SHELAINA BEY ox, bay, by Boldd Goldd ox, out of Salket ox by Dunajec ox, foaled 3/22/87, owner Sherry Zirngibl, Glendale, AZ: 7/ 7/6, 6/7/6, 7 = 46 -- accepted for PSB (TB/Arabian Pilot Program)

SYLVANA, bay, by Kaspareit, out of Shelaina Bey ox (PSB) by Boldd Goldd ox, foaled 3/9/00, owner Sherry Zirngibl, Glendale, AZ: 7, 7/7, 8/8/7, 7 = 51 -- approved for OSB


TROPENPERLE, dark bay (gray), by Tempelritter, out of Tropennacht by Avignon II, foaled 5/29/95, owner Dianne Magliulo, Penngrove, CA: 7, 7/6, 7/8/7, 7 = 49 -- approved for OSB

Wilmington, IL, September 27, 2003, Inspectors Sam Eidt, Toney, AL, and Larry Thornton, Victoria, BC

EVITA VON KROTENBACH, bay, by E.H. Mackensen, out of Elliette von Steinberg by Illit, foaled 5/12/94, owner Kathy Bonse, Knapp, WI: 7, 7/6, 8/8/7, 7 = 50 -- approved for OSB (Reserve Hi-Point Trakehner Mare)

HALIFAX, gray, by Kitfox, out of Hanna by Merkur *E*, foaled 6/28/98, owner Elizabeth Demas, Highland, IN: 7, 6/8, 7/7/7, 7 = 49 -- approved for OSB

MANJANA, pinto, by Makar, out of Mandala by Nil, foaled 8/8/89, owner Brenda R. Hanssen, Greenfield, IN: 7, 8/7, 7/6/7, 7 = 49 -- OSB approval pending decision by ATA Board of Trustees


NEW STYLE xx, bay, by Roving Minstrel xx, out of Intricate Style xx by Banderilla xx, foaled 3/18/94, owner Alison Freeburg, St. Charles, IL: 7, 8/7, 7/6/7, 7 = 49 -- accepted for PSB (TB/Arabian Pilot Program)

SOLEIA xx, dark bay/brown, by Bold Mc xx, out of Symbol Tar xx by Boltar xx, foaled 4/13/93, owner Jan McCracken, Shiloh, OH: 7, 7/6, 6/7/7, 7 = 47 -- accepted for PSB (TB/Arabian Pilot Program)


TANZDIVA, dark bay, by Impressionist, out of Tariana by Graditz *E*, foaled 4/10/00, owner Tannenwald Trakehner, Interlochen, MI: 8, 7/7, 6/8/7, 7 = 50 -- approved for OSB

TANZELFE, chestnut, by Kaspareit, out of Tariana by Graditz *E*, foaled 3/21/99, owner Tannenwald Trakehner, Interlochen, MI: 7, 8/7, 7/8/7, 7 = 51 -- approved for OSB (Hi-Point Trakehner Mare)

TENDER LOVE xx, bay, by Fast Play xx, out of Tender Loving Care xx by Cox's Ridge xx, foaled 3/9/98, owner Jan McCracken, Shiloh, OH: 8, 8/7, 6/-/-, 7 -- (horse injured but with very good performance record) -- accepted for PSB (TB/Arabian Pilot Program)


ULTIMATE CRUSADE xx, chestnut, by Crusader Sword xx, out of Ultimate Invader xx by Night Invader xx, foaled 2/24/98, owner Jan McCracken, Shiloh, OH: 8, 7/6, 5/6/7, 6 = 45 -- accepted for PSB (TB/Arabian Pilot Program)

WINEGLASS FLEURIE, bay, by Budapest (ShA), out of JJ Felica ox by JJ Zantar ox, foaled 6/3/93, owner Linda Rudolphi, Noble, IL: 8, 7/7, 8/9/7, 8 = 54 -- accepted for PSB (TB/Arabian Pilot Program)


WINEGLASS MADEIRA, bay, by Budapest (ShA), out of Rushcreek Fawn ox by Rushcreek Cody ox, foaled 3/19/92, owner Linda Rudolphi, Noble, IL: 8, 8/8, 7/6/6, 7 = 50 -- accepted for PSB (TB/Arabian Pilot Program)


At this inspection, the full ATA Inspection Team also inspected the following stallions:

ASHER, gray, by Heinzelmann *Pg*, out of Alouette by Tannenberg *E*, foaled 8/12/98, owner Mary Fagan, Lefroy, ON -- APPROVED


MANCINI, gray, by Kaspareit, out of Matrix by Avignon II, foaled 6/8/98, owner Glory Redmond, Lowell, IN -- Not Approved

SILLENNIUM, chestnut, by Zauberklang *E*, out of Savana by Mozart *E*, foaled 6/10/00, owner Kenneth Borden, Wilmington, IL -- Not Approved


SOVEREIGN AFFAIRE, bay, by Unabkömmlich, out of Stolen Rendezvous ox (PSB) by Amurath Fire Hawk ox, foaled 6/13/99, owner Cheryl Dallmann, Sun Prairie, WI -- Not Approved

STORM THE CASTLE, bay, by Peron, out of Solar Suzie xx (PSB) by Solar City xx, foaled 5/7/99, owner Kenneth Borden, Wilmington, IL -- Not Approved


The approved stallion will be introduced with full pedigree, measurements and photo in the upcoming Stallion Issue of THE AMERICAN TRAKEHNER.



ADAGIO (reg. MADEYALOOK), ORB-B-G407 (Morgenstern - On the Sly xx) -- 70.000% Training Level 2, Missoula Dressage Show, MT, 8/2-3/03, rider/owner Laura Raddatz, Columbia Falls, MT


ANDORRA LA VELLA, PSB-B-M094 (Amethyst - Royal Chocolate xx) -- 68.889%, First Level 1, Topsider Farm Dressage II, TX, 9/6/03, rider/owner Jessica Rachor, College Station, TX

ARDUC, ORB-A-G471 (Hailo *Ps*E* - Tannenberg *E*) -- 76.154%, Training Level 4, USDF Region 5 Championships, RMDS Championships & Open Show, CO, 9/18-21/03, rider/owner Michele Mooney, Scottsdale, AZ


BALOU, ORB-E-G562 (Artistic Rock - Mozart *E*) -- 70.286% First Level 3, Houston Dressage Society's Spring Classic, Houston, TX, 4/26-27/03, rider Paul Kathen, owner Joan Ehrich, The Woodlands, TX

ESPIRIT, OSB-A-M1867 (Sieg - Schwalbenzug *E*) -- 67.450%, Second Level 4, Dressage in the Plains II, CO, 6/28-29/03, rider/owner Pat Long, Colorado Springs, CO


FESTJÄGER, ORB-A-G295 (Leibjäger - Koree) -- 68.51%, First Level, CDS Dressage Show, CA, 8/3/03, rider/owner Ann Vatet, San Diego, CA

FREEDOM'S ANGEL (reg. LEISE), ORB-A-M1486 (Enrico Caruso *Ps*E* - Artic) -- 57.500%, Intermediaire I, High Plains Dressage I, CO, 8/15/03, rider/owner August Anderson, Black Hawk, SD


GULLIVER ORB-D-S522 (Ith - Frisco Lad) -- 71.429%, Introductory Test B, Centerline Dressage Classic, IL, 8/23-24/03, rider Ann Pine, owners Ann & David Pine, Belleville, IL


HALE BOPP COMET (reg. MILO'S HALE BOPP COMET), ORB-A-G606 (Hailo *Ps*E* - Priam) -- 68.148%, First Level 1, Greater Atlanta Dressage Southern, Atlanta, GA, 5/17-18/2003, rider Kimberly Murray, owner Rutledge Gross, Avondale Estates, GA

HAPPY HOUR, OSB-E-S336 (Induc - Erzsand *E*) -- 67.714%, First Level 3, Dressage at Heavenly Waters, Bel Air, MD, 6/28-29/03, rider Marija Trieschman, owner Renee Howes, Huntingtown, MD


HARRIER, ORB-A-S1695 (Amethyst - Tempelritter) -- 69.545%, Training Level 1, Missouri Dressage Classic, MO, 7/11-13/03, rider/owner Betsy Jacoby, Union, MO

HARRISSON, ORB-A-S1399G (Luneur - Tarim) -- 58.1%, Fourth Level 1, Millbrook Farms, UT, 6/7/03; 66.0%, Fourth Level 2, UDS 31st Annual Dressage Show, UT, 8/17/03 rider/owner Nancy Joell Burchett, Bluffdale, UT

IN THE QUEUE (reg. QUINTIUS), ORB-A-S794G (Avignon II - Ricardo) -- 68.750%, Training Level 3, Maple Valley Dressage, MI, 7/25-27/03, rider/owner Andrea Galbraith, Rochester, MI

KAISER KRONE, ORB-A-S1590 (Unkenruf *Pg*E* - Sastor) -- 60.8%, First Level 3, Detroit Dressage III, MI, 7/4-6/03, rider/owner Nichole Parsons, Canter, MI

KLEINSINGER, ORB-A-S1332G (Meistersinger *Ps* - Sleipnir) -- 64.75%, Prix St. Georges, Grand Haven's Summer Dressage, OH 8/2-3/03, rider Pia Helsted, owner Catherine Anderson, Elizabeth, PA

LAKOTA, ORB-A-G334 (Hailo *Ps*E* - Martini *Pg*E*) -- 65.714% First Level 3, PVDA Spring Competition, MD, 5/17-18/03, rider Filippa Pahlsson, owner Lucy Wilson, Friendship, MD

LARKZPUR, ORB-A-S1539 (Enrico Caruso *Ps*E* - Unkenruf *Pg*E*) -- 67.037%, First Level 1, Pine Meadow Farm Fall Show, NY, 9/20-21/03, rider/owner Suzie Kent, Rutland, VT

LESTRADE, ORB-D-S296 )Leonidas - World Cup I (Han)) -- 68.076%, Training Level 2, Dressage at Delaware I, OH, 8/9/03, rider/owner Sue Madden Mandas, Dayton, OH

L'ATTITUDE, ORB-A-S1688 (Martini *Pg*E* - E.H. Marduc) -- 71.923%, Training Level 2, Summer Sizzler at Canterbury, FL, 8/9-10/03, rider Petra Wilder, owner Suzanne Lewis, Brighton, MI

MACHT, ORB-A-S839 (Prälat - Damaskus) -- 62.558%, Fourth Level 1, Kansas City Dressage Society Dressage Com-petition I, Kansas City, MO, 5/3/03; 62.821%, FEI Jr. Individual Test, Kansas City Dressage Society Dressage Competition II, Kansas City, MO, 5/4/03; 66.667%, FEI Jr. Individual Test, Dressage at the Woodlands, KS, 6/8/03, rider Emily Wagner, owner Jana Wagner, La Cygne, KS

MIDORI, OSB-A-M1992 (Leonidas - Abdullah *Pg*E*) -- 68.286%, First Level 3, Cool August Nights, CA, 8/21-24/03; 74.583%, Training Level 3, Dressage Derby #3, CA, 9/6-7/03 rider/owner Anna Gilmour, Auburn, CA

MISTER MEISTER, OAB-D-G181 (Erlyck Erst (KWPN) - Ith) -- 65.263%, Second Level 1, Tri H Dressage Show, MT, 6/28-29/03, rider/owner Merilee Malcolm, Florence, MT

MONTE, OSB-A-S338 (Hailo *Ps*E* - Artic) -- 68.333%, First Level 1, Sherry Levin Memorial Dressage, MS, 8/23-24/03, rider Vicky Busch, owner Hunter's Bluff, Inc., Covington, LA

NOAH, ORB-B-S963 (Bütow *E* - Troubadour *Pg*) -- 69.565%, Fourth Level 3, Pendragon Stud Equestrian Center, CO, 7/27/03, rider/owner Karen Perkins, Parker, CO

PACHMANN, ORB-A-G388 (Eligius - Insterruf) -- 67.778%, First Level 1, SDCTA Fall Classic Dressage Show, FL, 9/6-7/03, rider Alex Robertson, owner Caryl Faso, Sarasota, FL

PORTRÄT, ORB-A-S938 (Erzsand *E* - Insterruf) -- 59.167%, Grand Prix, Turning Point Fall Dressage, Alpharetta, GA, 8/30-31/03, rider Laura Wharton, owner Charles Wharton, Lancaster Oaks, Woodstock, GA

S. CAPADE, ORB-A-M1705 (Enrico Caruso *Ps*E* - Habicht) -- 64.255%, Second Level 3, Dressage 03 Encore, OH, 7/20/03, rider/owner Debbi Schuster, Chardon, OH

SASUE, OAB-D-G309 (Mazur) -- 61.852%, First Level 1, Iowa Dressage Classic I, IA, 7/26/03; 63,077%, Training Level 4, Iowa Dressage Classic II, IA, 7/27/03, rider/owner Sue Erickson, Garden Prairie, IL

SPINNAKER, ORB-A-S1437G (Enrico Caruso *Ps*E* - Falke) -- 65.750%, Prix St. Georges, Lake Oswego Hunt Dressage, OR, 8/1-3/03, rider Ernst Herrmann, owner Cynthia McKim, Eagle, ID

TOUCHEE, ORB-A-M2053 (Leonidas - Antritt) -- 72.222%, First Level 1, Tennessean Dressage, TN, 6/15-16/03, rider/owner Sue Posner, Lexington, KY

TROPIKA (reg. TROPIKA VOM CASTELL), OAB-A-M354 (Advocate *Ps* - Avignon II) -- 71.538%, Training Level 2, Pendragon Stud Equestrian Center, CO, 7/26/03, rider/owner Michel Goldman, Franktown, CO


ZARENFEE MV, OSB-A-M1959 (E.H. Herzzauber - Karat) -- 65.385%, Training Level 4, Alberta Provincial Dressage Championships, Edmonton, AB, 8/9/03, rider Suzanne Le Gars-Berti, owner Krista Lubeck-Lund, Fairview, AB

ZUCHTMOND, ORB-A-S1647 (Polarmond - Prälat) -- 72.692%, Training Level 4, 6th Annual DASC Dressage Championship Show, CA, 9/12-14/03, rider Nicole Chastain Lyons, owners Nancy & Jim Funkhouser, Baldwin City, KS


In-Hand Dressage Horse Breeding Classes:


AERIAL STAR, ORB-A-M2386 (Enrico Caruso *Ps*E* - Laiken *Pb*) -- 72.0%, Trakehner Class, NE Dressage Fall Festival, MA, 9/12/03, owners Brenda & Charles Hobbs, Pelham, NH

BEWITCHING MIST, ORB-B-M1572 (Tribute - Flying Bare xx) -- 80.0%, 3-Year-Old Fillies, Kentucky Dressage Association's Breeders Classic, KY, 5/26/03, owner Donna Lanning, Alexandria, OH


DEJA-VU, OSB-A-M1473 (Troy - Avignon II) -- 75.3%, Broodmares (Maiden/Yeld), NCDCTA Sport Horse Breeding Show, NC, 9/1/03, owner Julie A. Davis, Cleveland, NC

FEMME FATALE, ORB-A-M2501 (Windfall *Pg* - Abdullah *Pg*E*) -- 68.65%, Yearling Fillies, Dressage at Delaware I, Delaware, OH, 8/8/03, owner Sue Pitzer, Avella, PA


HADLEY, ORB-A-M2412 (Kaspareit - Matador) -- 71.7%, 2-Year-Old Sport Horse Fillies, Dressage Among Friends, CA, 6/8/03, owner Heather Knutson, Cave Creek, AZ

LYNNELLE, OSB-A-M1643 (Tribute - Pregelstrand) -- 77.25%, 4-Year-Old & Older Broodmares (Yeld), Mid-Ohio Sport Horse Showcase I, Delaware, OH, 7/19/03; 76.15%, 4-Year-Old & Older Broodmares (Yeld), Mid-Ohio Sport Horse Showcase II, Delaware, OH, 7/20/03 owner Charee L. Adams


MISTRO, ORB-A-S1884 (Stiletto - Graditz *E*) -- 73.5%, Yearling Colts, The Good Horseman's June DSH Breeding Show, GA, 6/7/03, owner Julie Baxley, Ringgold, GA

SAGA, ORB-A-M2421 (Meistersinger *Ps* - Amethyst) -- 77.4%, 2-Year-Old Fillies, MSEDA Breeders Classic, KY, 9/3/03, owner Janet Huening, Union, KY


VISUAL IMPRESSION, ORB-A-M2539 (Impressionist - Erzsand *E*) -- 68.10%, Trakehner Class, Turning Point Fall Dressage & DSHB, Alpharetta, GA, 8/30-31/03, owner Julie Baxley, Ringgold, GA


ZOHAR, ORB-D-M1246 (Enrico Caruso *Ps*E* - Laiken *Pb*) -- 68.5%, New England Dressage Assoc. Fall Dressage Festival, MA, 9/11-12/03, owner Gail P. Ward, Rehoboth, MA

Letter to the ATA:

I know that this is a month overdue, but I just wanted to commend Carol Schueler and the Coopersburg Equestrian Center for hosting one of the most organized and enjoyable inspections of any breed organization that I have participated in. With gorgeous weather helping, the facility was beautiful and how to utilize it was well thought out. The atmosphere was professional, yet friendly and courteous; everyone smiled and wished each other well; and to top it off, the food was actually edible (trust me, I won't mentioned names, but I have been to at least one inspection where the menu consisted of two-day old hotdogs, flat soda, and baggies of stale chips).

I was very impressed -- even more so that this was their "first." so please give Carol and Co. a big thumbs up from the ATA! Kelley Wachter, Mount Airy, MD


In the listing of High Score Dressage Ribbon Winners in Trakehner Times 5/2003, the name of the horse TOREC (Pennant - Blue Lagoon xx) was misspelled. We apologize for this error and any inconvenience it might have caused.




The next issue of Trakehner Times is scheduled for January/February 2004. It will be mailed out in the middle of December. Deadline for classified ads and editorial material is December 1, 2003.

Competition News, National and International


According to the October 3, 2003, issue of THE CHRONICLE OF THE HORSE, the Trakehner colt ZEALOUS by Hennessey, out of Zierde by Schwalbenzug *E*, bred by Mae Jean Fichter, Lexington, KY, and owned by Mindy Coleman, Arrington, KY, won the Grand 4-Year-Old Championship at the International Hunter Futurity Finals in Lexington, Ky, on September 17-18, 2003. Ridden by his owner, he won the 4-Year-Old Working Over Fences class, the 4-Year-Old Under Saddle class, and the 4-Year-Old Sweepstakes. He was also in the top ten in the 4-Year-Old Confirmation Over Fences class. Congratulations to all!


The United States Eventing Association reports on its web site at that the United States Equestrian Team has selected two squads for the 2003 Pan American Eventing Championship to be held as part of the Fair Hill International CCI*** in Fair Hill, MD, October 23-26.

Both WINDFALL with Darren Chiacchia and LESTER PIGGOTT with Holly Hepp have made the seven-member "A" list from which the four team members and three individual riders will be chosen.

The team will be selected after a veterinary evaluation on October 19, followed by a gallop the same day. USET selectors will make their final decision based on the recommendation of the veterinary panel and the USET Chef d'Equipe, Capt. Mark Phillips.


For the third year in a row a Trakehner won the coveted title of Event Horse Champion in the German National Championships, the Bundeschampionat.

This year it was the gelding NAGANO (E.H. Grossist - E.H. Tenor) who won the 5-year-old event horse division over all breeds.


West Nile virus cases have increased in the last couple of months. Be aware that, although your home state my have reported no cases previously, statistics may have changed. Moreover, traveling to other states creates an additional concern because the destination state may have experienced a higher incidence of infection than your home state.

As usual, your local veterinarian is your first line of defense. For traveling and subsequent vaccination considerations, the USDA offers an excellent website with a national map as well as state maps showing confirmed cases of West Nile virus. There are also listings of counties within the states with these verified cases.

The USDA website can be found at Click on "Hot Issues" for West Nile information.


1. APOLLO (reg. Luneur Orbit), 1991 bay gelding by Lafleur, out of Farlo by Bold Favorite, owner Sheri Lucas -- 79.8%

2. RIKACHE, 2001 black filly by Emeer, out of Rafasophia by Espresso, owner Carol Schuehler -- 79.6%

3. LUIGI, 2001 gray colt by Enrico Caruso, out of Lilli by Martini, owner Pam Neff -- 79.3%


4. ULTIMATELY, 1998 bay mare by Hailo, out of Ultimate Miss xx by Ultimate Pride xx, owner Kay Swinderman -- 79.0%


5. REMEER, 2002 bay colt by Emeer, out of Rafasophia by Espresso, owner Carol Schuehler -- 78.3%


6. CELTIC, 2001 bay colt by Martini, out of Carissima by Dichter, owner Elizabeth Higgins -- 78.3%

7. MOIRA, 1993 gray mare by Special Memories, out of Miss Redhead Judy xx by Edwardo xx, owner Dorothy Rowland -- 78.0%


8. INAMORATO, 2001 bay colt by Buddenbrock, out of Indira XV by Fontainbleau, owner David & Christina Potter -- 78.0%

9. RAISE A MEMORY, 1999 gray gelding by Special Memories, out of Capecci's Bambino xx by Dr. Hurt xx, owner Jo-Ann Lewis -- 77.2%


10. LALIQUE, 1988 bay mare by Narrator,out of Flighty Bate by Steedy Departure, owner Amanda Smith, Trebble B Farm -- 77.2%

11. LEITH, 2003 gray colt by Leonidas, out of Caladonia by Rogreek, owner Nancy Winning -- 76.4%

American Horse Council Recommends Vaccination Against EEE


As the number of cases of Eastern Equine Encephalomyelitis (EEE) rises to unusually high levels, the American Horse Council is reminding horse owners to vaccinate their horses for EEE and to boost that vaccination at regular intervals. In the recent outbreaks of EEE, affected horses have either been unvaccinated or were not vaccinated following the recommended intervals.

"The mortality rate in unvaccinated horses runs about 70% to 90%," reports Dr. Tim Cordes, Senior Staff Veterinarian for Equine Diseases with the U.S. Department of Agriculture. "This is significantly higher than the death rate seen with the West Nile Virus outbreak." The mortality rate associated with West Nile Virus is about 33%.

According to the recommendations of the American Association of Equine Practitioners, horses should be vaccinated against EEE each year, preferably in the spring. Horses residing in endemic areas, however, should have an additional booster vaccination every six months. Owners seeking recommendations for vaccinating foals, weanlings and broodmares should consult an equine practitioner.

Book Reviews

By Charee L. Adams


In-Hand -- A Practical Guide to Preparing and Showing Your Horse

By K.J. FitzGerald Half Halt Press, Inc.

P.O. Box 67 Boonsboro, MD 21713


Copyright 2002; $27.95

A few years ago the United States Dressage Federation (USDF)) added a breeding division to some of their shows in order to assist sport horse breeders in marketing their horses, evaluating their breeding programs and in getting young horses accustomed to the horse show environment for a safer transition to under-saddle competition. The Dressage Sport Horse Breeding classes (DSHB) have grown in popularity as breeders have found them to be useful and educational.

K.J. FitzGerald's book provides extensive information for anyone new to sport horse breeding and/or breed show competitions. The book is written in a straightforward, easy-to-read format with many photographs depicting the techniques being described. In addition to the photographs, the book also includes actual copies of the various USDF score sheets. With chapters on conformation, movement, training, grooming, showing on the triangle, materiale and suitability classes, and hunter in-hand classes, this book is a thorough reference for persons showing in-hand or presenting mares and young horses to warmblood registry inspectors. Free-jumping and at-liberty work are not covered, so anyone planning to have a stallion inspected would need additional instruction, preferably with the aid of an experienced professional handler.

Although I found this book to be a superb instruction manual, there are two statements in it on which I differ in opinion. The first is FitzGerald's statement, in describing the possible side effects of upright hind limb conformation, that "[u]pright stifles are prone to locking up, which is when the joint pops out of the socket." In O.R. Adams' text, "Lameness in Horses," Dr. Adams explains that a locking stifle or upward fixation of the patella (knee cap) occurs when the medial patellar ligament gets caught over the medial trochlea of the femur, locking the patella in an upward position and causing the stifle and hock joints to be locked in extension.



The second difference of opinion is in the use of the term "winging." The author indicates that winging is "where the hoof and cannon swing out to the side" (p.35) and "which is when a leg flips out to the side as the horse moves forward" (p.100). O.R. Adams defines winging as follows: "A horse that toes out will usually wing to the inside." In diagrams, Dr. Adams shows that in winging the foot flight deviates in towards the opposite limb, which can result in interference and, in extreme cases, falls. In paddling, the foot flight deviates to the outside, which is not likely to be dangerous for riders.


Except for the minor differences explained above, I found this book to be highly informative. Our Inspection Committee frequently cites lack of preparation and improper presentation as reasons some mares receive low marks. Inspectors must judge what they see, so it is up to each mare owner to be sure that his/her mare is prepared and presented as well as possible. This book is an excellent guide in this respect, and along with viewing an ATA inspection in advance to see how it may differ from shows or other inspections, should be a very useful tool for Trakehner owners.

Feeling Dressage

By Ruth Sabine Schaefer

Eclipse Press; 1736 Alexandria Dr. Lexington, KY 40544


Copyright 2003


"Feeling Dressage" is a refreshing new book intended to help riders in any discipline improve their skills by developing feeling. The author covers such topics as the physical and mental abilities of the horse, preparation for the rider, how to structure a riding session, dressage terms, and other related subjects. She describes, in a systematic way, how to achieve the correct feeling. The book includes definitions of dressage terminology to aid in understanding the steps for developing basic riding skills and the precise descriptions of the various dressage movements.

I particularly liked the mounted stretching exercises for riders. Many adult riders have desk jobs that may cause muscles to tighten up. Practicing these exercises while warming up the horse will help restore elasticity and enable the rider to ride more comfortably and effectively.

Ruth Sabine Schaefer is an FN licensed trainer in Germany. She has trained and competed successfully in all three Olympic disciplines including state and regional championships. She has experience teaching riders in a variety of disciplines.

In a foreword to the book, Conrad Schumacher, noted German dressage trainer and instructor, states: "Feeling Dressage gives the learning rider tools to comprehend how to use aids, feel their influence, read the horse's reactions and know the steps in which to teach a new movement to the horse." I think that this statement best sums up the content of the book. I recommend it for beginners, intermediate riders working without a coach, and instructors.



The following have joined or rejoined the ATA since our last newsletter. We bid them a hearty welcome and hope they enjoy their membership.


David Allison, Dallas, TX

Lisa Barnes, Idledale, CO

Kimberly Barskaitilci, Milwaukee, WI

Kristie Beaulieu, Palos Verdes Estates, CA

Kirsti Bergmerei, Lethbridge, AB

Justine R Biddison, Sheridan, CA

Elizabeth Brown, Ypsilanti, MI

Anissa Cottongim, Panama City, FL

Elevage Mallet Barsalou, St-Lin, QC

Mary Ellis, Dayton, OH

Sue Erickson, Garden Prairie, IL

DuBose Fleming, Leesburg, VA

Neathery Fuller, St Louis, MO

Melissa Gardner, Roswell, NM

Jennifer Grubb, Walnut Creek, CA

Jamie Gullikson, Deer Park, WA

Deborah Hall, Springfield, MO

Robert Haynes, Panama City, FL

Cynthia Henderson, Rolla, MO

Cheryl Kacher, Penrose, CO

Marci Kirkland, Tallahassee, FL

Eve Lachapelle, Stokely-sud, QC

Jamie Lawrence, Belleville, IL

Legacy Trakehner Stud, Milton, VT

Desiree Lerro, Echo Knoll Farm, Pequea, PA

Michelle Louis, St Michaels, MD

Sheri Lucas, Thorfare, NJ

Jocelyne Lussier, Mirabel, QC

Kathleen Massey, Arlington, TN

Lisa Beth Mathews, Wilmington, DE

Leslie McCulloch, Corfu, NY

Gretchen Moreno, Los Osos, CA

Laurel Morris, Cave Creek, AZ

Jason Mulligan, Cabot, VT

Mark Nelson, Tulsa, OK

William Nowotny, New Castle, PA

Deborah Popolizio, Tehachapi, CA

Nicole Prows, Sonora, CA

Elizabeth Ralston, Arroyo Grande, CA

Renae Rath, Wellborn, FL

Pamela Rawlins, Pona City, OK

Janice Remus, Monroe, WI

Amelia Richardson, Redondo Beach, CA

Linda L Roberts, Gahanna, OH

Stephen Seat, Cypress, TX

Karin Seery, Royal Oak, MI

Cathleen Vanzwol, Olympia, WA

DeWayne Wallace, Double D Ranch, Berry, AL

Brookes Wolfe, Alexander, NC

Cynthia Writesman, Camden Point, MO

Pam Zain, Grand Junction, CO


Please submit classified ads to the ATA office in Newark and enclose 30 cents per word, minimum $6 (telephone number = 1 word; Anglo-Trakehner = 2 words; 3-year-old = 3 words; 16.2 h. = 2 words). Only prepaid ads are accepted and will be printed in the next scheduled newsletter if received by the stated deadline. Please include your state or province with your telephone number so callers can adjust to your time zone.

If the ad is for a horse for sale, the horse must be ATA registered and at least its sire given. Foals less than one year old must be eligible for registration.

Information included in ads was submitted by the advertiser. All statements, comments, claims, statistics, etc., are the sole responsibility of the advertiser.


Only $950! Must sell 1982 OSB mare by Schwalbenzug. 16.3 h. Producer of big, beautiful babies. Dam of an ATA approved stallion. Don't miss this unbelievable opportunity to own an outstanding broodmare for a nominal investment, under $1000.

Call 719-489-3717 (CO)

Purebred Trakehners

1-year-old by Magritte, 2-year-old by Graditz, and a 5-year-old by Martini, going well under saddle. Prices start at $5000.00

All our horses are handled daily and, as a result, are pleasant to work with. Check us out at or call 819-826-5212 (Quebec, Canada)


WANTED: Proven broodmare by Enrico Caruso between 8 and 15 years of age for the 2004 breeding season. Will lease or buy. Mare does not have to be sound.

Contact: Bonnie Brabbs at 530-272-5354 or e-mail to

6-year-old Trakehner filly by Abdullah

16 hands, gray, elegant appearance, lovely movement. Basic dressage training and going well over fences. Would make an excellent beginner event horse or children's hunter. Video available. $12,500.00 o.b.o. 434-589-8637 (VA)


This column is intended to advise members of upcoming events that give an opportunity to showcase the Trakehner or provide educational benefits. We will not list regular shows, recognized or not, (unless the ATA will have a booth there) only those that have scheduled breed classes or exhibitions, as well as seminars and clinics. If you have an event you would like included, please send it to the ATA office by the stated deadline and include a contact phone number.

November 6-9, 2003: ATA Annual Membership Meeting and stallion and mare inspections, Seattle, WA, area. For details, contact ATA Central Office.

November 6-9, 2003: Equine Affaire East, West Springfield, MA. For details, please contact Dawn Cabral-Quimby at 401-624-3792 or e-mail to


November 27-30, 2003: "Pferd und Jagd" (Horse and Hunt) Fair, Hannover, Germany. For details, please contact the Trakehner Verband at 01149-4321-0270 or