American Trakehner Association

Organizing a Mare Inspection

Information for Organizers of Mare Inspections


  1. Suitable measuring facilities, usually in the barn.  Please have measuring stick and tape available.  (Vet examinations necessary for Stallions only.)

  2. For assessment of Conformation, Walk and Trot in hand - a flat "runway", about 50 yards long, on gravel, packed dirt or asphalt.  Please ensure handlers are familiar with the procedure.

  3. Triangle - in an arena or outside ring.  Cones or rails may be used to lay out triangle.  Set up and size will vary with facility.

  4. At Liberty - a small, enclosed, quiet ring or arena.  Average size approximately 225 x 120 ft.
  5. All paperwork and fees must be completed and settled in advance.   Failure to do so may result in mare not being inspected.
  6. Branding must be arranged with a member who is approved by the ATA Branding Committee.  Judges will not be available for branding duties.