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If you have trouble submitting this form, please fill out the form and copy and paste it into an email to

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  1. The horse must be registered with the ATA.
  2. Each ATA member may have 2 ads posted as a membership benefit. Please review payment schedule at the bottom of this page for additional ad fees and non-member fees.
  3. Complete information below & hit "SUBMIT" to automatically send your sales information to
  4. SEPARATELY, Email any photographs (include release below) to Photos should generally be no more than 15k.
  5. .jpg or .gif formats are preferred but we will try to work with whatever you send . Note: photos will be reduced to a maximum of 4"x4"
  6. Your advertisement(s) should be posted within 1 week
  7. Please notify when horses are sold.
  8. If you have problems or questions, please email

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Please notify when horses are sold.

Current ATA Members

  • Current members are entitled to 2 free online listings.  Be sure to provide your name or the name of the farm under which the current membership is held.  Please fill out our the form above and submit. Email photos to:

  • If you wish to advertise more than 2 horses please consult the pricing schedule.  Pay the ATA, then fill out the form above and email photos to: Additional horse(s) will not be added to the website until payment has been received by the ATA Office.

Non-ATA Members

  • In all cases, payment for ads must be received from non-members prior to the horse(s) being added to the on-line sales list.  Please consult the pricing schedule below for non-members.  Mail payment along with ad information and photos to the address listed below or call a credit card # into the ATA Office.  Be sure your ad contains all the required information.

Pricing Schedule:

  • The following pricing schedule applies to advertising on this website only and will not be extended to any other ATA publication.
# of horses ATA Members Non-Members
1 - 2 free $30
3 - 5 $15 $60
6 - 10 $30 $90
11 - 15 $45 $120
16 - 20 $60 $150

ATA address